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  • Chin Implantation: A New Way to Rediscover Your Youth

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Featured Image Caption: Chin Implant Surgery

Chin surgery involves reshaping the chin via reduction surgery or enhancing the chin with an implant. Chin surgery is also known as mentoplasty.

If you are interested in adjusting the proportions of your face by having surgery performed on your chin or lower jawline, then chin implantation may be right for you.

Facial features will be harmonized, and cheek, jaw, forehead, and chin equilibrium will be restored. Many patients report improved self-esteem and confidence after successful chin implantation surgery.

Chin augmentation is a revolutionary type of chin surgery. If you suffer from an under-projected chin, chin augmentation may help by setting an implant directly on the targeted bone. By doing so, it may help augment your chin.

Another popular type of chin surgery is chin reduction surgery. The surgeon will extract excess bone and contour the chin to achieve an optimal shape.

If you have realistic expectations, are a non-smoker, and are physically healthy, you are a good candidate for chin implantation.

As for age, most surgeons recommend the surgery for patients over 18, as the mandible tends to stop growing around 19.

Importance of Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation will provide a sharp look to your various facial features. The appearance will also appear natural when performed by a component surgeon. The jawline will be minimized and reshaped by the surgeon.

If you suffer from “double-chin,” the issue will be resolved. Moreover, chin augmentation is a one-time procedure that usually provides permanent results.

Chin augmentation is frequently performed to enhance the patient’s beauty, and many patients report enhanced self-esteem after the procedure. The external look will be changed, and the quintessential side view will also be achieved in most cases.

Insights into the Procedure

X-rays may be taken to determine which area to operate on. You may be given a sedative before the area is numbed. Or, you may be put under general anesthesia to be completely asleep during the operation.

The surgeon will create an incision under the chin or inside your mouth. The surgeon will make a pocket between the muscles and bone where the implant will be placed. The implant is made of silicon.

The surgeon may utilize fat tissue or even real bone in other cases. Screws or stitches will be used to affix the implant to the bone. The surgical incision is then closed with sutures.

After your surgery, you may be asked to take oral antibiotics for a few days. You should eat a soft or liquid diet for a few days following the operation. You should also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or some warm water after each meal.

The sutures placed in the mouth are absorbable, so you do not have to have them removed by the surgeon. Do not exercise for ten days following the surgery.

If you notice an extrusion of the implant, an infection, or experience nerve damage that causes numbness around the lips or mouth, then you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Different Options to Enhance Your Chin

Chin augmentation with rhinoplasty:

The results of rhinoplasty can be augmented via a chin implant. A popular facial contouring amalgam involves combining nose reshaping surgery with chin augmentation.

Chin implantation with neck liposuction:

If you suffer from excess fullness beneath your chin, then you can undergo both chin implant surgery and neck liposuction simultaneously.

Alloplastic implants:

Polyethylene has been used to make surgical implants for many years. They are easily shaped, quite strong, and very porous.

Chin lipo:

Excess fat or double chin problems can be solved with chin lipo. Excess fat is extracted along the patient’s jawline and under their chin. Adding chin augmentation will help provide even more impressive results.

There are many types of chin implantation to choose from, depending on your unique needs and preferences.

Pre-Surgery Essentials

You need first to determine the purpose of your operation. You need to have a clear picture of your needs and the desired outcome. Discuss your requirements with your doctor to ensure that you are both in agreement.

Discuss the different types of chin augmentations and procedures at your disposal to choose the best fit for you.

Chin augmentation can also be performed alongside other procedures, such as a face-lift or rhinoplasty, so you may want to consider having multiple facial procedures conducted at once to reduce your overall recovery period.

Bring Your Inner Beauty Out

The bones of your jaw and chin will begin to recede as you age: When this happens, the proportions of your facial features will be impacted negatively. You can augment your bone structure by undergoing a chin implantation procedure.

Your facial volume will be restored during the procedure. If you are currently dealing with inadequate cheek or chin projection, facial implants can provide long-term and often permanent relief.

You can also have other procedures performed during the chin implantation to reduce the number of appointments you need to make.

Combining multiple procedures will help reduce costs, time, and your overall recovery period while providing optimal results in just a few days instead of months. You also need to have realistic expectations before the operation not to be disappointed by the result.

Proper aftercare is also needed to reduce the risk of infection. Chin implants can help maintain your beauty for several decades when they are implanted by a qualified and highly trained surgeon with years of experience.

Please speak to your doctor to determine if chin implantation is right for you.

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