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It is true that trends come and go, but the trend of digital marketing is to stay here for a longer period of time as it is something that every business is looking forward to remain ahead of the competitive market. With more media choices available today than ever before, online marketing trends are changing a lot and marketers should focus on to improve their digital marketing prowess.

But the question is what are the biggest drivers of digital transformation and where exactly should they place more emphasis in the coming years?

Let us discuss some of the most important digital marketing trends that hold for the marketers.

Visually Intelligent Marketing:

The biggest trend for the coming years will be to attract consumers through visual spatial intelligence. Studies have shown that we are likely to get more engaged with content that is presented with relevant imagery.

We will see marketers playing on visual intelligence in various ways:

  • Visual Search: Applications like Amazon allow consumers to search various products by taking a specific photo. This technique allows to search for something that cannot be described in words. This has given rise to image search engines and also services like TapTapSee or Slyce.
  • Live Video Streaming: Social media users are demanding more content, but in a visual format that they were unable to access earlier. Live videos have become the latest trend and with more apps, live streaming is drawing millions of viewers in.
  • Augmented Reality: Applications like Snapchat and PokemonGo have already become very popular and this shows that people love AR. In the coming years, more and more brands will start to use AR related applications or products.

Increased Personalization:

Big data can be used for a variety of purposes and it can be used to improve the customer experience and marketing. Increased personalization often helps to increase sales and revenues and this one to one marketing will surely become more prevalent as brands will use this opportunity and find varied ways of introducing their business messages to the consumers.

Data Visualization:

In digital marketing, business data is crucial and it is the lifeblood. They need specific information that tells who is buying and what product they are purchasing and what message is most effective for them. But many times data analysts have great problems to understand clearly what the data are saying. There are numerous data visualization tools that help to analyze the data and generate effective reports for the marketers.

Native Advertising:

Though it may appear that native advertising is an old method, marketers should use it in the coming years to increase their presence and prominence. The reducing effect of many ads through the use of ad blockers, decline of banner ads, reduced social media organic reach will definitely see some increase in implementation. 2017 forecasts great days ahead for native video content and there will be great improvements to meet the mobile format and also native video campaigns.

Wearable Mobile Devices:

With more than 7.22 billion active mobiles all over the globe, it is easy to understand the importance of a smartphone marketing and its importance for an organization. Wearables are exceedingly capturing the market and brands and businesses have to develop platforms and websites to suit the needs of the average wearable user. It is also important to ensure that they are optimized for interactive screens and offer high quality user experience and also sales.

Content That Converts:

In the current digital scenario, engagement is everything and digital marketers succeed when their audience consumes content and also enjoys and acts upon it. Interactive content will have great importance and generate conversions. It is a great means to capture attention right from the beginning.

Multichannel Marketing:

The various channels through which we can reach out to our customers have continued to grow at an accelerating speed over the past few years. Marketers have always tried to use these varied opportunities to engage with the customers and today the focus has shifted from channels to audiences. This means that instead of communication through different channels, business organizations are increasingly building audiences and then engaging them across varied channels.

Machine Learning:

In 2017, Machine learning will gain greater prominence and businesses will not shy to invest in tools and technologies. Artificial intelligence will reduce some of the work load that optimization strategists or practitioners have. But Human Intelligence cannot be neglected and business can be made more engaging only through creativity, customer understanding and innovation.


Keeping with the market competition is very important for survival and for that marketers should adopt latest trends and technologies that can help to keep consumers engaged and generate more traffic and sales.

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