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  • Do You Have the Right Leadership Style?

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To succeed in a business, you need good leadership qualities (there are many other factors also!). To improve your leadership quality, you can take the help of experts in this field or you can take the guidance of This powerful personality development toll is widely used by the corporates to enhance the leadership skills of their managers at all levels of the organization. When you subscribe to any of the modules of the DiSC, then you have to give an online test which determines your primary personality trait. And depending on this trait, the program explains to you what are the positive elements of your personality that you should build on and what are those negatives that you have to change for a better result.

The DiSC modules identify four primary personality traits; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. An individual can have one or a maximum of two such primary traits. Once the identity of your personality trait is established, then the DiSC program gives you a stepwise guide of how to utilize them to improve your overall leadership quality in both your workplace as well as in the social circuit.

Different personality traits approach the leadership issues in different ways and if you understand these, then you are in a better position to not only progress well in the organisational chain but also cope well with others in the team.

We have listed here the behavioural traits of the four-primary personality that the DiSC identifies.


He loves to lead from the front and thrives in challenging situations. He always keeps the big picture in mind and does not like to bring emotion to his style of leadership which he believes promotes inefficiency.


He bases his leadership qualities on his overall charisma, social skills and positive atmosphere. He loves to work in a situation where he can brainstorm with others to find a solution to a problem.


His authority is based on his vast experience and his ability to put the interest of the team ahead of his own. He loves to maintain a stable environment in the workplace.


He does not like the hands-on approach of the other traits but like to lead from a distance and is more comfortable working within some well-defined rules.

To become a good leader, you have to be self-aware about the strengths of your personality traits and how to exploit them to your benefit. Additionally, you should be able to identify your shortcomings and are able to focus on them for better results. For example, if you have Dominance personality trait, then it is your premeal urge to gain leadership position and take challenges. You can utilize it to progress in your life. But if you are forced to work with a team where each one has equal authority, then it is up to you to overcome the challenge in working in a team and contribute positively for a better outcome. The DiSC helps you by giving you the guidance on how to utilize your strengths and work on your shortcomings.

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