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  • Does Writing Resume Require A Special Talent To Get A Perfect Job Or Not?

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Brevity is the soul of wit.

What should the perfect resume look like? It has to be concise, says Joseph Terach, CEO of Resume Deli, which helps job seekers write resumes, interviews and get jobs that interest them. In his opinion, a verbosity CV is unlikely to bring additional points. We have selected five Terach tricks that will allow you to fit in one page and not forget to mention anything important. Entrepreneurs should consider that the perfect resume is a mark of suspicion.

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It is not easy to find that one among thousands of candidates. Even if s/he meets the requirements mentioned in the vacancy, can we be sure that this person is going to make it work? Let’s figure it out by means of short and simple rules below.

Professional writing resume by professionals online

Apply your qualities. Remove from the resume all general and far-fetched self-definitions. If you want to tell the future employer that you are accurate and pay attention to details, then just write a resume without errors – a smartly written paper will create the best recommendations for you. However, people write about their own responsibility so often that these words only waste space on the sheet – it is easier to get rid of them.

Don’t share all the places of your work. Should your future employer know that you had a temporary position in 2003? It’s unlikely. And the work that you did fifteen years ago is still technically relevant? And haven’t you achieved anything since that time? In most cases, it’s best to remove these mentions from your work experience (or try to minimize them as much as possible) and focus on your recent activities and achievements. This will reduce the length of the resume and make it clearer. You are who you are now.

Omit obvious skills. Most likely, in your previous position, you used MS Office: worked with spreadsheets, prepared presentations, or dealt with the schedule of meetings. Congratulations: everyone can do this, and if you do not have other unusual and important knowledge, then it is better to completely get rid of the section with similar skills in your resume. In some situations, it is also worth doing with additional training and certificates: paper is useless if you can show your skills in practice.

Don’t forget to mention public works. Do you do community service? Be sure to mention this if it is relevant to your professional activity. Also, mentioning volunteering can be helpful if it happened during breaks between your previous work relationships. Organizing non-profit events can be a clear illustration of your team and organizational skills. But if this activity has nothing to do with work, get rid of this item on your resume.

Be careful. Be concise and accurate when writing your resume. Don’t try to use tricks to fit your resume in one page. Small margins, small font sizes, or heavy use of acronyms to save space can play against you: your resume can be annoying to read. Do not write too detailed descriptions of your activities at the previous place of work: if something can fit on one line, you should not use two for this.

  • Don`t forget to update your resume. It will make its position higher in search results and so there will be more chances that an employer is going to find you. The thing is that when searching, people look through the first 10 links. There are very few people who go to the next page and just a tiny percent of those who go to the third page. It concerns recruiters just as well. The closer to the beginning of the searching results list information about you is, the more chances that the recruiter is going to find you.
  • Be active. Look through the vacancies and send your resumes together with cover letters to the companies you want to work for.
  • Duplicate your resume. It is needless to say that a resume has to be customized in accordance with each specialty or vacancy.
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