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  • Effective Tips to Boost Students Writing Skills

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Effectiveness of the ideas to boost up student writing skills varies in different situations. To be specific, the teacher’s ability and readiness to teach, student’s approach towards teaching-learning process, internal and external factors and influences, etc. can determine the effectiveness of ideas to develop writing skill among students.

Still, there is scope because there are some ideas with universal applicability related to writing skills, especially in language classes.

By assigning writing exercises in regular basis:

Basically, teachers depend upon lecture method in their classrooms because it is traditionally accepted and effective method of instruction. Similar steps to boost up writing skills are generally adopted in language classes, especially in second language classes, other than the student’s mother tongue. If this strategy is applied within classroom environment in a regular basis, the same can help students to improve their writing skill by linking instructional strategy and activities/exercises.

By providing proper guidance related to writing:

Experienced teachers very well know that student community consists of students with different learning capacity. So, proper guidance is must while students are dealing with their writing assignments. If not, students cannot realize how the method works and they may consider the same as a burden beyond learning experience.

By linking the writing experience with familiar topics:

Students learn things by making use of different sense organs. Within the scenario of the process of writing, more than one sensory organ is used and it helps in storing related information in mind and retrieve the same when the same is in need of. When a writing experience is linked with familiar topics, students can easily perceive it and transform the same according their need.

By encouraging nurturing the habit of reading:

Students are expected to realize the fact that the habit of reading can help them to improve their writing skill and vice versa. Teachers can easily identify a student’s taste and lead him or her towards that specific field of interest. This sort of encouragement to go beyond the limits of textbooks can easily help students to nurture the habit of reading and its positive effect can be evident in writing.

By providing students with helpful feedback:

One can see that feedback and related positive reinforcement in the form or motivating words and appreciation can improve a student’s writing skill. If a student gets no feedback from the teacher, student’s indulgence in exercises related to writing may become a monotonous act. An experienced teacher can easily take measures to assess the effectiveness of a method to improve writing skill, provide students with feedback, and take remedial measures to rectify the same.

So, it is evident that there must a proper and effective plan to bring forth further improvement in writing skill of student community as a whole. Within this context, there must be apt and interesting activities included in the syllabus and related lessons. Then, teachers can easily make use of the same within classrooms, but with their own improvisation related to the mood and capability of the class.

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