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  • Five Healthy Tips to Follow in 2020

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As the New Year is approaching, you might be making several New Year resolutions which are usually made before the starting of a new year. Everybody strives to do something for making their next year better than the previous one. There can be many of the resolutions, for instance, it could be switching to healthier habits and clean eating, or it could be spending more time with family and friends, or focusing on your professional development. All these resolutions are just assumptions before putting in some serious efforts and energy. Therefore in order to make them a reality, we must work hard so that we can achieve our goals. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions, which is adopted by most people, is to become healthy or at least start switching towards healthy habits.

There are many tips and strategies, which can be adopted to become healthy and energetic in the New Year so that we can start the New Year with great enthusiasm and a rigorous goal to follow. Some of them are as follows:

1. Setting goals from the beginning

Goal setting is considered as the pioneer of all actions. Without setting sufficient goals, you are unable to figure out what and how to plan your strategies. These goals not only help you in keeping track of your progress, but they also make yourself accountable for yourself. With the help of setting goals, you are less likely to fall from a routine, and these goals always remind you of keeping on the right track. Moreover, if you are having trouble tracking your goals, you can consider making a diary or journal which can keep a record of your achievements along with the progress of goals. Also, there are several goalkeeping apps which are easily available on Google Play store, which can help you in reminding about your goals by various notifications and reminders.

Another better idea is to reward yourself on the completion of your desired goals. This activity can make yourself motivated and positive towards achieving the goal. These rewards can range from buying your favourite perfume, enjoying your favourite movie or spending your time at a spa; the examples are endless. So whatever that makes you happy, you can consider it for rewarding yourself to remain motivated towards the goal of being healthy and energetic in the coming year 2020.

2. Make realistic goals and stick to them

It is also essential to make realistic goals and try sticking to them. It is not possible that you would quit your unhealthy eating or other habits in just one day. Every habit takes time to develop, and the same happens while leaving one. Therefore it is essential to understand what is best for you and how much time you need to skip one habit and start a new one. It is also possible that you make unrealistic goals like shedding 20kg weight in just one month, which is quite impossible for a person so you can become demotivated if you are not able to achieve the goal. Therefore it is suggested to make realistic goals considering your health and body requirements and then take considerable actions so that you can achieve your new year’s resolution and later you can reward yourself for completing a goal.

3. Avoiding junk food and start healthy eating

We all know this fact that unhealthy eating which includes all the oily and fried food, sugary drinks, excessive alcohol and carbonated drinks etc. are extremely hazardous for our health and are able to increase sugar and salt in our bodies, which can lead to various diseases. Hence it is beneficial to understand the hazards of eating junk food and start eating healthier food for your better health. From a study, it has been found that a number of health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure are related to the high excess of sugary drinks and oily food in our diet. Therefore in order to prevent yourself from these diseases.

4. Take time for some exercise

It goes without saying that in such busy and hectic life schedules, it sometimes gets difficult to take time for yourself and motivate yourself for exercise. We can get various excuses for skipping exercise and taking time out for a daily walk. However, if we start to realise the benefits of doing daily exercise or walk then, we would definitely be able to figure out some short but consistent routine for daily exercise or walk in order to maintain our health and achieving health goals.

Keeping in view your busy schedule, it is good to start from 15 minutes’ walk per day and gradually increasing the time. Starting from less time is essential for keeping up with the consistency as being consistent is necessary for achieving healthier goals, because if you think of taking out 1-2 hour every day for your exercise all of a sudden, then you might feel unable to do so for longer time period and it might get difficult for you. Therefore smaller but consistent routine for walking or exercise can do wonders for you and your health.

5. Family & Friends – Spend some quality time

In the modern world, full of cell phones and other tech gadgets, it has become a significant issue to take out time for your friends and families. We often become so much occupied with our jobs and busy schedules that we forget to take out time for ourselves and connect to our relationships. This is quite essential for our mental and emotional health to spend some quality time with our families and friends in order to rejuvenate with the purpose of our lives. Going out with our families or just having some leisure time having dinner or snacks together can also be a good idea to get connected with our loved ones. This can boost your mental health and provide you with an energised new start for the busy and hectic routine of your life.

Final words

Therefore it can be concluded that making a resolution is easier, but sticking to them takes time and efforts in order to make them possible. Hence if you have made some New Year’s resolution for 2020, then it’s high time that you stop thinking and start taking some action towards achieving your health goals.

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