woman regulates the temperature on an electric water heater
  • 4 Things to Know Before Getting a Tankless Water Heater

Featured Image Caption: Woman Regulates the Temperature on an Electric Water Heater

A water heater is an absolute necessity in today’s world. Tankless water heaters can be a practical and modern investment, but it’s important to know a few things before you decide to purchase one for your home. Here are four things to consider.

The Different Types

The first thing you’ll need to decide when purchasing a tankless water heater is what type you want. There are two different kinds of tankless water heaters: gas or electric. Gas heaters are usually more efficient, but electric models are more common. In addition, there are a few different tankless water heater styles to choose from.

Some tankless heaters work better with certain appliances, so you’ll want to ensure you pick the right one. How many tubs and showers are you going to run? Can your system handle multiple spouts working at the same time? How much water are you going to need and for how long? Take the time to do some thorough research and figure out what will be best for your home.

Needed Space

Another important thing to think about is how large a tankless water heater will be. Typically, electric water heaters are smaller than gas models, but both types come in a variety of sizes. Some models range from 50- to 80 gallon-capacity. You’ll need to consider the size of your home, your specific hot water needs, as well as the amount of space you have available for the water heater. Where are you going to store it? In your garage? A utility closet? Or in the basement? You’ll want to try and keep the tank somewhere centralized so that your hot water doesn’t have too long to travel, and you can get hot water sooner.

Plumbing Compatibility

Not every home is set up to accommodate a tankless water heater, especially if your home is an older one. In some cases, you may need to upgrade all of your plumbing if you want to install one, because they require a modulating system in order to operate.

If you’re unsure whether your home will be compatible with a tankless water heater, consult with a professional installation service. They will be able to assess your current plumbing system, and determine where to best place your tank should you choose to install one.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Tankless water heaters can come at a steep price to begin with, but you also need to consider the cost of installation and regular maintenance when you purchase one. Gas tankless water heaters are typically more expensive upfront than electric models, but gas heaters are usually more efficient. It can take some time before you begin to notice any savings on your energy costs, so it’s important to ensure you can afford to make the purchase upfront.

Once your system is installed, should you choose to have one placed, be sure to take care of the unit as much as you can. Try not to overwhelm it on a daily basis, and check it periodically for any leaks, damage, or faulty efficiency. If you suspect that you’ll be needing some maintenance, be sure to contact a trusted service, either a plumber or the company who installed your heater. Having a good team behind your water heater will make all the difference in your system’s life and efficiency, not to mention your own happiness.

Tankless water heaters can be a great addition to your home and save you money in the long run, but it’s important to ensure you are choosing the right one before you buy. It’s wise to consult with a professional who can tell you what size you’ll need, whether it will work with your home’s plumbing, and what installation and maintenance will cost you.

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