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  • How Poor Mental Health Affects The Minds Of Individuals Leading To Crimes

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  • Published Date: June 10, 2021
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Multiple reasons motivate someone to commit a crime. Theft can be committed because of a need or emergency requirement like paying off the medical bills of a loved one when all other sources are exhausted.

Similarly, data show that several individuals that commit crimes do so because they are not of sound mental health. These individuals do not deserve to be charged or convicted in the same manner as someone who does it to feed their own interests.

In most cases, these individuals are motivated by depression, anxiety, stress, or substance abuse. These factors make rational thinking difficult, leading them to commit acts of crimes in their society.

For a very long time, there was not much help that could be extended to such individuals. However, in recent years, several credible lawyers and law firms have come forward hoping to help in this regard.

Poor Mental Health leading to Criminal Activity: What you should know

Many states have set up programs around Drug Court Diversion Programs to help criminals that are motivated by poor mental health. In this section, we discuss by taking help from a useful resource on how you should proceed in such cases –

Hire a Great Lawyer-

The first step involves hiring someone who has experience in handling such cases. Not all criminal lawyers are adept at proving mental health issues in a court of law. The entire process is not as straightforward as you would imagine. It requires detailed paperwork, good networking, and coordinating with authorities to get a case heard under such circumstances.

Gather Evidence of Poor Mental Health-

If the individual before his conviction had been visiting programs to help him or her deal with issues of mental health, it can be used in the form of evidence. This is also one area where the lawyer can help you gather the evidence and request witnesses to come to testify for the individual. All this evidence needs to be presented in a court of law for successful results.

Push for Drug Court Diversion Programs-

The key is to convince the judge that the jail imprisonment is shifted to be completed at a drug court diversion program center. This will not only help the individual walk out of jail but also ensure that he or she gets access to the best facilities and treatments, which would have otherwise costed a fortune. It can also help them overcome their real problems of addiction.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and why it leads to Criminal Activity

Army veterans that have served their country in very difficult conditions in wars abroad have often been found to be diagnosed with PTSD. When they return, they are unable to fit into society as they have been exposed to numerous horrors and brutalities of war.

They find it difficult to cope with life post-war and act out in strange ways. This can include pursuing crimes that can lead to conviction and jail time.

PTSD is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. The right lawyer can prove to be an asset and a positive outcome of the case can help the veteran walk out of jail and get treatment for their PTSD condition.

People who have never experienced such horrors of war can never relate to what is going inside the mind of an ex-soldier who has lived a torrid life in regions like Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on. They need to be integrated back into society by taking care of all the sensitivities.

The Bottom Line

In such lawsuits, the key is to find a lawyer that understands the exact situation of the client and can present the case accordingly. With the right steps and strategies, several positive outcomes can be expected. If you have any other questions that you would like our expert, Mike G. Law to address, please write them down in the comments section below.

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