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  • How to Prepare for a Face to Face Interview with a Nursing Agency In Worcester?

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More nurses are turning to a nursing agency in Worcester to provide them with consistent work and better benefits. Agency work can be highly rewarding in terms of the experience you gain, the pay, and the variety of work available.

So, if you are looking at working with an agency, you will have to go through a face to face interview with them. Irrespective of your qualifications and experience, interviews can still be daunting.

Here are some tricks to prepare for a face to face interview.

Be Confident

Nobody likes a fidgety and nervous candidate, especially in a nursing interview. Most agencies look at nurses who are confident in answering questions. Therefore, you must be confident when appearing for a face to face interview at the agency. Here are some tips on how you can portray a confident image, no matter how many butterflies are fluttering in your gut.

  • Maintain Eye Contact – Maintaining eye contact while listening and speaking is the best way to paint a perfect picture of confidence. You can practice in the mirror a few times in a day so that you don’t look sideways or down during an interview.
  • Posture – Your posture speaks volumes without you uttering a single word. Sit in open positions with your hands by your side. Don’t cross your hands, as that suggests that you are closed to any arguments. Also, don’t wring your hands and shrink to make your body appear smaller. This suggests that you are apprehensive and unconfident.
  • Fidgeting Is Bad – Controlled and calculated movements suggest confidence, while fidgeting suggests nervousness. You know which image you should portray.
  • Smile Occasionally – Try to enjoy the interview. Only then you will be able to smile naturally. When your facial expression is relaxed, you are inviting the interviewer to ask questions. If you maintain a stern look on your face, the interviewer is likely to cut short the interview.
  • Firm Handshakes Impress – Interviewers don’t like limp handshakes. It means you are not interested. So, practice a firm handshake. Firm means not to aggressive or weak. Practice with your friend or a family member to find the right balance between aggressive and weak.
  • Be Clear And Concise – Good communication is an important skill for nurses. You interviewer will be evaluating your communication skills while you speak. So, make sure that you speak slowly and clearly. Also, don’t mumble. Make your voice audible.

Dress to Impress

Your dressing sense matters when attending an interview with a nursing agency in Worcester. It would be best if you dressed in professional attire for the interview instead of scrubs. Your clothes need to be clean, tidy, and ironed. Wear your hair in a practical ponytail or bun to give a professional look. Also, make sure that your nails are trimmed as that is expected off nurses.

Highlight Your Skills and Experience

During the interview, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your skills and experience. If you are a new nurse, then emphasise the training you received and your academics. You need to make sure that the interviewer knows how you will add value to their agency. This said, don’t sound desperate. There are many agencies out there. You may have your heart set on this one, but, it is best to keep your options open.

Research the Agency

Research the agency you are interviewing with. This will help you when asking relevant questions about the agency. Asking questions is important as it suggests that you are not just looking at any job, but, have specifications. Also, questioning your interviewer will imply that you are weighing other opportunities against this one. This will create a sense of urgency with the interviewer to make an offer.

Interview Them

While asking questions is important, don’t seem arrogant. You want to know what kind of pay and benefits the agency offers, the kind of work and the hours, and the amount of flexibility they allow. So, there is no harm in asking these questions. The interviewer will know that you have a set of criteria that you are looking for in the job.

Some of the questions that you can ask are about your immediate supervisor, the support that the agency offers to its nurses while at work, the kind of work settings usually available, the training and development that an agency provides to its nurses, and what maybe some challenges that may present themselves while you work with the agency.

Most nurses, though good at technical skills, find face to face interviews difficult and challenging. You have put in so much hard work at nursing school, now it’s time to put in some effort to hone your interview skills with these pointers, you will be able to pull off a face to face interview like a pro.

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