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Digital Marketing is all about publicizing and advertising the products and services through electronic media. Digital marketing is done through digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites, display apps, mobile apps or any of the digital medium. The scope of digital marketing goes beyond the internet and includes text messaging, podcasts, electronic billboards, radio channels etc.

The number of people using digital media for entertainment and information is increasing at a tremendous speed every year. Digital media has made it possible for users to get the required information whenever and wherever they want it.

The vast availability of information everywhere has created a need for the brands to stand apart from the rest. Brands need to engage and involve the user to persuade him into buying. Therefore, personalising communication, a deeper insight into the needs and expectations of the target audience and building trust amongst them becomes necessary for the brands.

The digital marketing aims to create content that can capture the attention and engage the potential customer. Consumers are also keening to interact and connect with the brand. That is where Virtual Reality can provide a kick to the digital marketing efforts of the brand.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a 3-dimensional, computer-generated environment which generates realistic images and other sensations to stimulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. The user becomes part of this imaginary world and able to perform a series of actions.

VR is the new emerging technology, and the number of people using VR is expected to multiply in next few years.

So, combining VR with the mainstream marketing is the need of the hour for any brand which can provide following benefits:

High-Level Engagement

VR allows users to experience a product or service without any physical touch. It provides an environment that is entirely immersive ensuring a high level of customer’s involvement. With the customer’s complete attention, it becomes possible for the brands to put across the brand’s message and effectively influence his purchase decisions.

Memorable Experience

Preference for online shopping is increasing day by day and in such a scenario, selling from a brick and mortar location can be difficult. VR technology allows virtual shopping tours and store walkthrough. VR creates a whole new level of experience like never before and leaves a mark in customer’s mind.

Educate Audience

With the ability to zoom, move, and rotate from every angle, the potential customer gets to experience the product in a much better way. Information about the product such as the way it is made, people who are involved in creating and the thought behind it – all can be explained in great detail which allows the brand to connect with the customer firmly. It helps build faith and confidence in a customer.

Gather Real-Time Data

Potential for gathering real-time date has improved with VR technology. Therefore, if the VR campaign isn’t favourable for the brand, it can quickly make use of other digital marketing strategies more suitable for the audience.

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