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  • Maintenance Tips: 6 Tips to Take Care of Your Inkjet Printer

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A printer is a piece of equipment that is very beneficial both at home and in the office. It offers one of the easiest ways to come up with high-quality prints and pictures effortlessly. Just like many other equipments, a printer also requires maintenance for it to work effectively and efficiently. Without taking care of your printing equipment, chances are that it will breakdown sooner than expected. So how do you maintain the device? Below are various ways through which you can take care of your printer. By initiating each of the methods, your printer will not only work effectively but also deliver quality output.

Printer head cleaning

If you work around printers more often, then you already know that the printhead is one of the most crucial parts of the equipment. It is the part of the printer that aids in writing, spraying, or putting ink on paper. Given that the printhead is one of the core units of a printer, you must ensure its safety and efficacy. One way of doing so is cleaning it at least once a month. Using warm water, gently clean the printer head then leave it to dry before placing it back in the printer. Doing so will ensure you end up with quality prints throughout.

Always switch the printer off when not in use

Switch off the printer whenever it is not in use. Doing so is going to prevent the device from generating heat, which can end up drying your cartridge. It is also among the most crucial printer maintenance tips that will help you to keep other components from wearing and tearing. So as soon as you notice you are not going to use the device for a long time, go ahead and switch it off.

inkjet printer maintenance procedure

Inkjet Printer Maintenance Procedure

Keep the stabilizer bar oiled at all times

The stabilizer bar is the reason why the printer cartridge tends to move throughout the page when printing. It usually runs in the middle of the printer. It is one component that most people tend to neglect since they have no idea it requires maintenance. For it to move swiftly and effectively, you need to oil the area. Oiling should happen whenever you notice the printer stabilizer dragging through its work. Make sure you perform this maintenance task carefully to avoid dirtying the printer and other components. As long as the component moves smoothly, expect the complete functionality of the unit.

Always use the right power cable

There are times when you will have to replace the power cord of your printer. That is mostly after the damage of the original cable. The biggest mistake you can make is to opt for any cable so long as it has the right prongs. That is because each printer has specific power needs which the cable may not be able to satisfy. So make sure you get the ideal power cable for your printer. You should also avoid twisting the wire or rotating swiveling its ends. That is what usually damages the power cable of most printers.

inkjet printer power cable

Inkjet Printer Power Cable

Always replace the printer cartridges on time

One way of ensuring you end up with incredible printing sessions is to change the cartridges before they dry out. Once the printer notifies you that the cartridge levels are running low, go ahead and make a replacement. Check out Supply Link USA. You should also avoid touching the bottom of the cartridge during replacement. Read the instructions in the printer manual for you to know how best to switch empty cartridges with full ones without making any mistakes whatsoever.

Clear any dirt and debris from the printer

There are so many instances where you find the printer leaving streaks on the printed paper. That is because it has a buildup of dirt and debris of both dust and ink. The best way to deal with such an issue is to embark on cleaning inside the printer. Make sure you use a small vacuum cleaner. The device tends to remove all debris and dust instead of smearing it all over the printer, which is a common phenomenon when using dusters. Once you finish, use a wet cotton swab to tidy other parts where the dust and ink may have moved. It is among the best printer maintenance ideas that you should always keep in mind.

inkjet printer cleaning solution

Inkjet Printer Cleaning Solution

Each of the above maintenance tips aims at amplifying the usefulness of your printer. It is also one of the best ways to prevent the printer from breaking down prematurely. Some of the main components to take care of are the cartridges, the stabilizer bar, and the printer head. For you to ensure you perform the maintenance well enough, you need to go through the manual carefully. That way, you stand a chance to make proper maintenance without worrying about damaging the printer.

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