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  • Must-Have Tools and Equipment Checklist in a Hair Salon

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After completing the entire process of launching your hair salon business, like registering it, acquiring the license, determining finance, and finalising the location, it’s time to take the next step. But what’s the next most important step? It includes choosing the right and essential hair salon equipment to run your business smoothly.

A well-equipped hair salon makes managing easy and ensures a successful business. Customers are more likely to visit a hair salon that uses quality tools and performs effectively. Integrated tools will help them to focus on the task while being creative and passionate about it.

So, without any further ado, take a look at the essential hair salon equipment checklist you must consider to run a salon successfully.

Salon supplies are undoubtedly among the biggest expenses you will face when launching a hair salon business. Moreover, since you are just starting, you must consider the one-time purchase of tools such as workstations, salon reception desks uk, etc. Therefore, please list everything you may afford, have a budget, and see how they fit into your business plan.

Here’s a complete list of the necessary hair salon equipment to help you get started:

Service Accessories

Several service accessories are essential for your hair salon. Here are some of the most common things you must include:

Cutting cape

Hair-cutting capes are essential for any salon as you need them to wash and style the customer’s hair best. A useful and suitable cutting cape can contribute to the salon’s functionality and enable professional hairdressers to complete their tasks efficiently and quickly while maintaining cleanliness.

Salon apron

You want the staff to use aprons that suit the salon’s image. Moreover, good-looking and comfortable aprons also make your staff look professional. High-quality aprons aren’t necessarily expensive and are easily available in various materials. Also, it comes with several pockets enabling the hairdresser to keep the essential tools handy.

Salon towels

Getting good quality towels for your hair salon is necessary. Make sure to get chemical-safe and high-quality bleach-safe premium towels that last longer and offer the best absorbency.

Salon hand mirrors

You need salon styling mirrors, but hand mirrors are important for your salon service. It helps you to show your client the ultimate result. So, choose one that is more practical and suits your salon’s style.

Hair clips

Hair sectioning clips enable you to hold a large amount of the client’s hair at a time without letting them fall. Sectioning clips are different from fashion clips, as both have different functions.

Combs and brushes

Different types of combs and brushes help you perform hair-cutting tasks efficiently.

Paddle brush

It is ideal for brushing long hair and detangling them and is anti-static. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Round barrel brush

The right salon products are undeniably important, but a hairbrush can make or break your client’s look. For creating beautiful blowouts, the round barrel brushes can do the right trick. These brushes boost shine and volume, speed up drying time, and create perfect beachy waves and smooth strands.

Vented brush

When used with a blow dryer, this basic brush allows the air to pass directly through the vents and onto the hair. As a result, it enables you to dry the hair faster and also has additional features to suit various needs.

Wide toothed comb

The comb helps to separate and detangle hair without causing much friction and leads to less hair breakage.

Rattail comb

This one comes with a narrow handle and can be used for styling your hair. It is best for sectioning and separating the hair easily.

Scissors & Hair Cutting Shears

Scissors are among the most important tools for any hairdresser. As a result, they are the central item in the hair salon equipment list.

All-purpose shears

Most hairdressers use a shear that is 5.5 to 6.5 inches long. The size depends on what results you want. For instance, a 5.5 inches shear is perfect for precision cutting. On the other hand, a 6 to 7 inches shear can work best for creating longer sections, deep texturising, and compressed cutting.

Blending scissors

A professional blending shear can aid in removing lines softly, adjusting weight balance with a shape, and hair texturising. It must have opposing grip handles and convex blades for the best result to make it reversible.

Straight scissors

You need straight scissors for cutting hair. Ideally, you must have scissors of two different sizes for a clean cut and basic trims.

Electronic Hair Styling Equipment

Now comes the essential electronic hair styling equipment that enables you to create the best hairstyles for your customers.

Hair dryer

These are must-have equipment in your hair salon, popular for sheer versatility. From drying and straightening your hair to locking the curls and creating volume, dryers can help you perform various tasks.

Curling iron

Having a versatile and good-quality curling iron in your kit is necessary for creating a variety of curls, bends, and waves.

Hair Straightener

You’ll probably use the hair straightener the most after the blow dryer. With the correct product, you may create gorgeous curls in addition to merely straightening your hair.

Salon Chairs

A hairdressing chair is one of the essential pieces of equipment for a salon. You must invest in a high-quality chair so that it lasts long and serves its purpose well.

Styling Chairs

One of the most crucial yet frequently disregarded pieces of equipment in a salon is salon chairs. A poor chair will surely leave a terrible impression on your customer, which is something you don’t want. But, on the other hand, a decent chair may easily go undetected by your client.

Shampoo Chairs

backwash units for hair salons

Backwash Units for Hair Salons

You should wash your client’s hair at the shampoo station (also known as the backwash unit) before and/or after their salon treatment. This is also where you carry out other hair care procedures.


Hopefully, this list of essential hair salon equipment has proved helpful. Keeping these in mind, opening and operating a hair salon will become much easier and more convenient. An aesthetician can give their best when they have the right tools to ensure the best services.

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