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  • Must Visit Top 3 Haunted Places in Rajasthan

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How interesting it is to know about haunted places! Right! When I was in Rajasthan tour packages, I reached Kudhara. There I and my friends got to know about the mystery associated with it. Then, we got curious to know about it in details and if there were some other haunted places in India. Then we came to know about Bhangarh and Sudhabhay also. I was with my friends who love adventure like me. Thus, we were determined to visit there and we did! It was a different experience. People talk about the shopping, the history, the beauty, and the architecture; we were also telling our families the mysteries of haunted places on Rajasthan trip for 4 days. It was very interesting!

Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Let us start with Kuldhara, a village. There was a dishonest and immoral minister, Salim Singh in the 19th Century. People had to pay his tax as it was his responsibility. Once he came to collect tax and saw a beautiful girl who was the daughter of the chief of the village. He demanded to marry the girl from. Not only his father refused but also the entire village. The whole village and 84 other villages were concerned about it and became a part of it.

So, Salim threatened to impose more amounts of taxes on the villagers as revenge. As a result of it, all the villagers of 84 villages decided to leave their houses in just one night. Till date, nobody knew where they went. Nobody saw them leaving or no one got to know where such a huge crowd got banished. Isn’t that strange? Since then Kuldhara has the status of being the haunted place.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

The next on the list is Bhangarh. It is at number one on the list. It was built by Man Singh for his son Madhav Singh in the 17th Century. There are a fort and a village with over 9000 houses. When we reached over there, we got a sign by the Archaeological Survey of India warning not to stay inside the fort after the sun sets. The guide told us 2 stories related to it. According to the first story, a Spartan man lived nearby and while building it, the condition was laid by him that its shadow should not fall on his house. But a successor of Madhav Singh did it. Then, soon the fort got ruined.

According to the second story, there was a Princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh. A black magician fell for her. He tried to cast a spell on her to make her fall in love with him. He did it by using a cosmetic item, but she understood it. She was well aware of reversing the black magic and as she did it, the black magician died and cursed the fort. Maybe the soul of the black magician has made the fort haunted.


It is near Pushkar. There is a fair called ‘Ghost Fair’. People come here to get rid of ghosts or the troubles given by the ghosts. There is a lake here, which is considered holy. So, for a change, this place is for the sake of getting rid of the ghosts and not for getting scared.

However, the rituals that take place for the same purpose are really scary. It supports exorcism. It is located in Pushkar also, which is a pilgrimage site for the Indians.

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