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From our childhood, we have been grown up listening to horror stories from our grandparents, friends, and others; listening or telling ghost stories have been a tradition in many cultures, but there is no major history of people paying to get scared. The very first incidence of commodified fear is back in the mid-1700s when Russians paid for fast-paced sled drives on icy freeze mountain whose tracks were lined up with mysterious paintings. After two centuries, Haunted Mansion of Disneyland’s opened in Southern California, starting the modern idea of haunted tours.

A place gets a reputation of a ghost town due to the economic activity that maintained, but it failed due to natural disasters such as prolonged droughts, floods, government actions, war, pollution. But when a place is called haunted, it clearly states that it contains paranormal activities performed by unhuman spirits or a place where ghosts appear frequently.

Here are some hunted places in Australia which are paid by tourist to get the actual paranormal experience.

  • The Rocks Ghost Tour, Sydney

One should not forget how rich the history of The Rocks is. It is one of the most haunted places in Sydney The Rocks Ghost Tours was established in 1994. “The Rocks” area is very popular with Ghost Hunts as many of the original buildings from 1800 still stand, and some lanes still even have original cobblestones from 200 years ago! 200 years ago.

  • Boggo Road Gaol Ghost and Gallows Tour

Boggo Road Gaol launched in 1883 as the Brisbane Gaol. Primarily a holding prison for those getting short sentences or on custody, its initial infamy came from it being a place of execution. Boggo Road was the home of some of the nation’s most infamous inmates and the place of death of them.

  • Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Port Arthur is the top listed hunted places in the world. A prison, where thousands of British prisoners were shipped to and left to die starting in 1776, features every element of a good haunting, including child ghosts, a haunted hospital, random ringing bells, and more. Port Arthur seems to be famous for paranormal activities and chilling stories.

  • Melbourne Ghost Tour

Melbourne is a coastal city, which means you will find incredible beaches and small colorful huts. You can spend hours relaxing on the beach, surfing, enjoying live music, and eating local food. The city of Melbourne also has some homesteads and cemeteries that are 100 years old, and inquisitive people can go on ghost tours to the cities famous homesteads.

  • Arandale Mental Hospital Ghost Tour

Whether you are a follower in the paranormal or not, the history of the Aradale Mental Hospital is enough to send shivers down your spine. Lobotomies, straight jackets, and electro-shock therapy, these all were daily treatments given to the patients. And for visitors who visit its electroshock therapy room, they often account feeling a hot buzzing around their temples even before finding out what room they are standing in.

  • Altona Homestead Ghost Tour

A quick 20-minute drive from Melbourne, the stunning bluestone home is still exactly with its original furnishings and is host to pleasant high teas. But do not let the tea and cucumber sandwiches fool you, there is much more in Altona Homestead that does not meet the eyes, Altona is a small district in Melbourne, Victoria, it has small population but is a very popular town due to Altona Beach and the infamous Altona Homestead, there are also many parks and gardens.

The Altona Homestead was constructed in the 1840s by Alfred and Sarah Langhorne and one of the earliest homesteads near Port Phillip Bay. The Langhorne has left behind a history of births, deaths, and sorrows in its wake, which has now become a place of unusual paranormal activities. According to the legend, a wandering spirit around the corridors of this homestead is of its former resident Sarah Langhorne, whose life got miserable by a tragedy. She lost her son named Henry when he was just seven months old, and then she also lost her teenage daughter named Alice, who died due to diphtheria; Sarah Langhorne died of Parkinson’s disease in 1871.

According to the tour guides, Sarah Langhorne’s spirit often found staring desirously out from her bedroom window. The homestead is available for monthly ghost tours where people pay to get paranormal experiences, where they can experience terrifying encounters with the afterlife. The Altona homestead ghost tour is the most well-known and ideal ghost tour by many tourists. The Altona Homestead is one of the unique and oldest homesteads of Australia. Few companies provide ghost tours to tourists coming from all over the world and even residents of Australia to experience paranormal activities.

The Altona Homestead remained a place of isolated residence until 1920 and since had many ownerships and also been used as a coastal holiday resort, also as a council office in which local people gathered and used to discuss matters. The Altona Homestead has also been a dentist’s office. People state that the paranormal activities of the homestead are because of the fidgety spirits of earlier residents and owners of the homestead.

The tour of Altona Homestead is of about 1.5 hours, and dozen people visit this homestead in a single tour; tourists are facilitated by a professional guide who will provide information and stories related to the homestead. You will be facilitated with airport pickup, and you will be asked to wear comfortable clothes and especially shoes as there is much walking most of the tour. The tourist attractions of the Altona Homestead tour include:

  • The 90-minute tour of the entire Homestead.
  • You will be educated about the Langhorne family and the tragedies they have been through.
  • You will get aware about the paranormal activities and investigations that are done in the Altona Homestead.
  • You will be educated about the history of Melbourne, back way into the early 19th century.
  • You will visit every room and the grounds neighboring the homestead.
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