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Our smiles are our greatest assets. They project confidence and open us up to new opportunities. Whether it’s being interviewed for a job or impressing someone we like, it’s no secret that having a great smile gives us a reason to enjoy life.

That being said, it’s always important to keep your teeth strong if you want to maintain a good smile. Many things can be detrimental to oral health, so it pays to know how you can make your teeth healthy.

For sure, there are solutions that are supposed to help us whiten teeth and prevent cavities. However, not all these solutions work. If anything, they could make things worse. Fortunately, there are safer means to attaining perfect dental health.

Let’s look no further than natural alternatives for this.

1. Drink green tea

Sure, green tea isn’t as tasty as iced tea, but it packs all the necessary elements for nourishing your body as well as your pearly whites. Not only does it contain antioxidants for detoxifying your body, it is also great for preventing cavities and maintain a healthy gum line. Studies have shown that tea can also help reduce bacteria that cause a wide range of dental health issues.

That being said, you may want to swap your cup of joe for a hot cup of green tea. Brewing your own using quality leaves will give the best results. Just remember to use only a teaspoon of sugar to improve the taste.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Your parents aren’t lying when they tell you that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. They are also great when it comes to oral health. Munching on an apple or a celery stick can give your immune system a good boost, but it can also help you clean your teeth of stains and plaque.

Crisp fruits and vegetables are always preferable. These allow you to take bites that can polish the enamel surface of your teeth, thereby resulting in a whiter and a fresher smile.

3. Take your daily dose of calcium

Your chompers are made from calcium, so it makes sense to get a good volume of this mineral everyday. It helps you strengthen your teeth and provides extra protection against cavities. Drinking milk and having other great sources of calcium is a crucial step to better dental health. There are also non-dairy sources such as broccoli which is also rich in vitamin C for added protection against periodontal disease.

4. Change your lifestyle

Often, the best way to promote better dental health is through making significant changes to our daily habits. For sure, there are a lot of things that provide immediate pleasure, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, but these are also detrimental to your oral health.

In this case, it helps to change our lifestyles for the better by getting rid of self-destructive habits and adopting healthier ones. This will give our pearly whites a well-deserved break, making it easier to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Still, making your teeth stronger shouldn’t stop there. You will also need to give them extra protection and find a dentist who can handle emergency cases. For the latter, you can find emergency services with an affordable payment plan dentists can provide, even if you don’t have insurance!

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