• Outbuildings in Australia and Their Many Uses

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“Outbuilding” is not an order heard as a concert ends. It refers to additional structures which enhance your property utility and/or appearance. The number of families in Australia will increase by +28% over the next 15 years. Likewise, the quantity of households in all sectors will increase by a similar margin, over the same period.

With pre-existing home availability at historic lows, employee job mobility at record highs, and families increasing, there is little wonder about the future of the housing crisis. There is a development tipping point where private business falters and the government has to intervene.

When the banking system failed due to greed, taxpayers bailed them out even after the banks lost everything the taxpayers saved. Who will bail out the citizens if not the government? That is a rabbit hole we needn’t peek into. The best thing is to control what you can.

Rather than go further into debt with that system and purchase a new home as your family grows, or a start-up home business expands; consider expanding where you are with an outbuilding.

Another name for a shed, garage, barn, or livestock house; outbuildings can be built to suit your needs.

  • Our vehicles are an expense, not an investment unless you can maintain them for 50 years. Do you know the value of a 1974 Holden HQ? Protecting your vehicle for a long life will stretch the expense of vehicle ownership. Erect a stand-alone garage shed.
  • Landscaping equipment and yard tooling can clutter limited garage or car park space. A yard shed in the back of the property will keep the fuel and noise away from the house and open up space for easy parking.
  • Seasonal toys, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, bicycles, kayaks, golf clubs, or beer-can canoes can be rotated for easy access or safely preserved during off-seasons.
    • Pro-tip. Verify the footprint you need. Internal volume may vary due to construction type, leaving you short on length, width, height, or access and useable space for the intended purpose.
  • Agriculture and livestock farmers have utilized outbuildings as a mainstay of logistics and operation.
    • Livestock equipment, tractors, and trailers need servicing and maintenance. The American barn shed design is great for this.
    • Feed sheds or yard sheds allow livestock to maintain temperature and control for processing.
    • Agriculture equipment is expensive and large, requiring pole structures.
    • Your harvest is your profits. Protecting them is essential. Including a grain shed is a way to control moisture and access by destructive varmints.
  • Your home gardening, canning, or preserving processes can benefit from a single location in a shed. There are insulated material options and you can install heat pump climate control for efficient storage.
    • Pro-tip- Seal the base of the wall to the floor very well. Seal it again, and add flashing. Take all measures to keep rodents, reptiles, and insects out.

Verify all local building codes and obtain required permits. A professional installer can assist you at the point of sale to make your project a quick success. They have material suppliers, zoning office relationships, and skilled tradies ready to help you clean all your shed.

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