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This might sound strange for beginners in vaping. Squonk mods are not very popular yet, but those who have used them can attest to their benefits. But if you would like to go in this direction as a beginner, there is a lot that you need to know. Apart from knowing what it is and the interesting facts, you also need a guide on how to use it.

If you are such a person, this article is for you.

Components of a Squonking Kit

Squonking kits are simple and straightforward. There is the main squonk mod, which that carries the primary components like the tank and vaping mouthpiece. This is what defines the squonking kit.

The other main part is the bottom-feeding RDA, which is an atomizer that can be rebuilt when there is a need. In fact, this was made popular by people who started making and using homemade RDAs. For the sake of beginners, these are the wick and coils that are fed with the e-juice through the dripping method.

How to Use a Squonk Mod

After visiting your favorite online e-cig shop like ePuffer, you will realize that they stock a variety of mods. Among them, you can get the best squonk mods that you will enjoy using. But you need to know how it is used to get the most from it.

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Things become a little bit interesting because you will be building your own RDS wick and fixing it in the coils. Therefore, you will need ceramic tweezers and some practice on how to use them to create a 510 pin kit, which is most preferable for deep and tasty clouds.

However, it depends on the squonk mod you are using. Some are simple and straightforward while others require some physical work to customize the experience.

Using the right e-juice is crucial. In fact, this is where starters need to put the most focus on. Buying from a reputable seller will guarantee the best squonking e-juice. If the wick is clogged with the wrong e-juice, it may become difficult to enjoy it.
Lastly, it is important to let you know that the glass or stainless steel tank, as well as the entire mod, requires frequent cleaning. This is the only way to add to the fun of using this device.

Why You Should Consider Squonking

Building your own coil is the only difference from other vape mods. Enthusiasts claim that this is the main reason why this device is more fun. The mechanical option increases the satisfaction it gives. People decide how effective they want it to be.
It is also easy and straightforward to use. You just build the bottom-feeding coil and that is it, you are good to go. So, beginners who would like to experiment are better off being squonkers.

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Any beginner in vaping now knows what squonking is and how to go about it. These insights are very helpful and you should keep them in mind. If you succeed in this, then you will definitely enjoy it.

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