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  • The Trinity of Oil & Gas Concerns – Health, Gas Safety, and Environment

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Staying informed is necessary for living a better life. We live in a time of information overload. It is easy to overlook common health, gas safety, and environmental implications. However, as anything can happen, we must be careful.

Learn more about the following to ensure safety:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common concern among those that use gas on a day-to-day basis. It is a toxic and dangerous gas that combines with hemoglobin to prevent oxygen distribution and absorption. Although gas companies make sure that minor leaks are corrected during installation, there is a risk of dangerous gas escaping into your home.

If carbon monoxide is present in your home, it will make for a major safety risk. This is why it is important to hire a gas safety engineer to inspect your property and make sure that it is perfectly safe. As gas safety certificate cost is quite nominal, you do not have to worry about being able to afford the service.

Toxic hazards are not something that you can take lightly. It is important that you also have a suitable chimney at home for ventilation. A gasified installation should always be done in the open air. Prolonged exposure to the gas can be extremely harmful. Hence, it is in your best interests to get your property inspected every year for gas leaks.

Fire Hazard

Another common health, gas safety, and environmental concern that you need to be aware of is a fire hazard. The following can cause a fire hazard:

  • Risks of sparks during the refueling
  • High surface temperature of the equipment
  • Flames through a gasifier air inlet

The following precautions help reduce the risk of a fire hazard occurring:

  • Installation of a backfiring valve in the gasifier inlet
  • Installation of a double sluice filling device
  • Insulation of hot parts of the high-temperature areas.


When gas mixes with sufficient air, it leads to an explosion. This explosive mixture is highly dangerous and needs to be avoided at all costs. It is caused by the following:

  • Air penetration during the refueling
  • Air leaking into the gas system
  • Air leakage into the cold gasifier that still contains gas
  • Backfiring from an exhaust fan burner when the system consists of a combustible mixture of gas and air during the start-up

Although air leakage into the gas system does not immediately lead to an explosion, there is a higher likelihood of an explosion if the leakage occurs in the lower part of the gasifier.

As the pyrolytic gases mix with the air, it causes an explosive mixture to firm, which would end up causing an explosion. Installing a double sluice type filling system would offer protection by separating gas from the air.

Environmental Hazards

Ashes and condensate are produced during the gasification of agricultural and wood residues. The former can be easily polluted by tar. As for the ashes, they can be disposed of without causing an environmental hazard.

If the tar-containing condensate is disposed of, it will lead to undesirable environmental effects. Even though there is no hard data on the bio-degradation of tar and phenolic constituents of the condensates, it is clear that disposal of the said condensates is far from environmentally friendly.

Global Warming Emissions

Natural gas causes global warming emissions. Although its combustion is much lower than oil or coal, natural gas is responsible for emitting up to 20 percent of carbon dioxide in the world. However, natural gas emits up to 60 percent less carbon dioxide in comparison to coal.

Moreover, extraction of natural gas from wells and transportation leads to methane leaks. Since methane is harmful to the environment, it is important to eliminate dependence on natural gas. It is necessary to keep methane losses below 3.2 percent for natural gas to produce fewer emissions. However, technology has come a long way which has helped reduce leaks.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a common health and environmental concern that needs to be addressed. Cleaner burning might have helped decrease the amount of sulfur, mercury, and particulates that are released into the air. However, it is still not enough.

When natural gas is burned, it produces nitrogen oxide, which is responsible for causing smog. Similarly, motor vehicles increase the likelihood of smog in an area as they rely on gasoline and diesel. Reduction of these emissions is important for ensuring public health benefits, especially to those suffering from heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis, and asthma.


Once you have finished reading the post, you will know about the most common health, gas safety, and environmental concerns.

In addition to the above, land use and wildlife must be considered as construction, and land disturbance is harming local ecosystems in the form of erosion and fragmented wildlife habitats.

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