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  • Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Finances in 2020

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  • Published Date: August 10, 2020
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As kids, we never pay much attention to what we spend on and where the money comes from. As we grow up, we realize the importance of money and slowly start managing our expenses and investments. As an adult, most of us are aware of the usefulness of having a budget and planning investments smartly. However, since none of us are actually taught about it, getting the hang of it can be difficult. If you struggle with managing investments, we will tell you how to manage personal finances.

5 Tips to Manage Your Personal Finance

1. Set a Goal

At the beginning of the year or a new month, have some clear idea of what you want to achieve at the end of the month, and make a personal finances guide or journal. For example, if there is an exciting party that has to be attended, invest accordingly. There is a need to make decisions firmly and stick to your goals and objectives. For achieving financial stability, make determination your best friend. Start by setting weekly goals, see how that works out. Slowly, you will be able to plan more elaborately, for a month or even a year. Personal finances after the COVID-19 situation have become quite tricky. Make plans before investing in anything.

2. Invest Smartly

Without planning meticulously, not much can be achieved. Invest in things that can be used over and over again. If you want to buy some dresses, make sure to invest in the correct fabric and design. Take sufficient time and then decide what suits you best and spend money accordingly. You can also share something with your closest friends. For example, do not buy every book you want to read. Instead, ask your friends to lend it if they own the book. Always set goals for better personal financial management.

3. Rent It, If You Can

Renting is one of the good ways in which personal finances can be managed. Every time there is an invitation, you do not have to spend a fortune, you can easily rent beautiful dresses. Furniture can be rented as well. If you have moved into a new apartment, there is no need to buy every piece of furniture, you can rent pieces like the couch, the coffee table, and chairs. This applies to movies and books as well. Useful and necessary things like beds, cabinets, or dining tables should be bought and not rented. This is because these things will be required wherever you go. Investing in these is a good idea, but some other pieces like speakers, couches, and televisions can be rented easily. Use this trick for personal finances planning.

4. Compare the Prices

Before buying things like dresses, earphones, speakers, or almost anything, compare the prices on different websites and look for the best deal. If possible, wait for a sale, the prices drop by almost 50 percent, and then buy the same product for a lot less money. Some websites provide personal finance help by comparing the prices of different products. It is often seen that online websites give the best offers. Look for warranty and exchange or return options when you shop online. Personal finance apps can help you compare prices and make the best decision.

5. Consult Someone Who Has Experience

You can easily get lost in the world of finances. It is always a good idea to talk with someone who has a considerable amount of experience and expertise. Seek professional help if you feel like it. However, you may also discuss your problems with your parents, partner, or friends. That is not the only option, you can read articles or buy a book on personal finances for beginners for an understanding of finances.


It takes years of experience to understand what a good investment is and which is not, and, therefore, managing your finances becomes a bit tricky.

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