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  • Types of UX/UI Jobs in India: Eligibility and Career Prospects

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UX/UI Design is one of the sought-after careers, especially for the new young generation professionals who are technology freaks and have a creative bent of mind. UX/UI jobs are in great demand in India. Such a kind of job is not limited to design aspects only. It includes multiple skills, which can be technical as well as non-technical. UX/UI designer jobs are very challenging too.

Difference between UX design and UI design jobs

UX means to User Experience while UI means to User Interface. Both UX and UI are important for a product designing and work closely together. However, the roles are different for both. UX Design is more analytical and technical while UI Design is somewhat similar to what we refer to as a graphic design. In other words, UX design is more into enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a design that is easy to use, user friendly, and that provides a comfortable platform of interaction between the customer and the product. On the other hand, UI design is the look and feel of the website or the presentation of the product to make it more appealing so as to develop an interest on the customer.

Types of UX/UI jobs

There are different types of UX/UI jobs which we are giving below:

  • UI (User Interface) Designers: Specialized graphic designers who design web pages and application screens focusing purely on visual aspects.
  • UI (User Interface) Developers: They combine design sense with technical skills. They create as well as maintain and troubleshoot code and scripts that make apps or webpages to function correctly.
  • IA (Information Architects): This type of UX/UI job involves both business and technical requirements and considers usability and navigation systems, among other aspects.
  • UX (User Experience) Designers: Combining research and design skills to know what the end user or customer needs and provide solutions and designs that customers want to use. The candidates need to be highly creative and should be able to understand human behaviors.
  • UX Architects: They act as team leaders and often get involved in content development and social media for their projects. They provide proactive expertise to create a design and a solution that will meet the needs of the end user or the customer.
  • UX Developers: They act as both the designers as well as developers to improve the website experience for end users.
  • User Researchers/Usability Analysts: Such type of UX/UI jobs involve researching, surveying, observing, and getting the views of potential users before the creation of the design.
  • Project Managers (PM): They are involved in the successful launch of the final website or app. They have to consider all aspects. Right from creating and developing the design to getting the final nod from the clients, from scheduling to completion, including financing and budgeting.
  • Interaction Designers: They are responsible to manage interaction between the end users and computers, usually referred as “human-computer interaction.”

Eligibility criteria for UX/UI jobs

To apply for UX/UI jobs, candidates should have a Bachelor of Design (B.Des. or B. Design) degree from a recognized design institute. Designing skills can learned by anyone who has the passion to do design technically, no matter to what background you belong to. Even if you are in a profession as a software developer, product manager, marketer, business or sales analyst or may be as statistician or a psychologist, you still can take up a professional UX/UI design course to pursue a career in UX and UI designing. Masters in Design degree opens up more possibilities in jobs in larger organizations. There are some institutes which offer short-term certification or diploma designing courses. Completion of such a design course also makes you eligible to join in UX/UI jobs.

UX/UI jobs career prospects

Designers who have coding experience have obviously better advantages than the non-experienced ones. Till a few years ago, UX and UI designing was not of the mainstream type of job. But, with more advanced technologies, the growing need for apps and hand-held devices, there is a great demand for skilled UX/UI designers. There are incredible job opportunities available in MNCs, IT and ITES companies, including other businesses of different industry domains.

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