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Android is one of the most common platforms which is used by millions of people to use mobile apps. But as in the case of all other things which are related to technology, apps also get updated on a periodic basis. So, if you have been using an Android based app, you may have to update to a newer version after a period of time.

Here are some of latest versions of Android application development which have gained considerable popularity in India –


This app was earlier called Floating Notifications. Now it has been rechristened by Floatifications and comes with a new ticker display option as well. Companies offering Android application development services have adapted Facebook’s chat-head-style interface and apply it on almost any type of app which you want to. They keep a track of the discrepancies during the setup process which can be few and are incompatible and need to be referred to them for support.

One of the major plus points of Floatifications over conventional Android apps is that it functions in a full-screen mode. By doing so, it offers users with uninterrupted access to all types of notifications. Therefore, if you are watching a YouTube video, for instance if you want to get an SMS and you don’t have to navigate away from whatever you may be viewing or reading. However, while using it you will need to depend on your usual messaging app in order to reply.

The on-screen notifications are visible in the form of floating dots that can be expanded for closer view with a single tap or can be dismissed with two. It is always feels good that a different icon is utilized, enabling you to receive an email or notification with just a click on a button.

In case it is an email, the sender’s name should be displayed at the bottom of the icon. The icon can be moved in a seamless grow as a group to virtually any part of the screen by simply dragging them at any point of time since they can get in between.

Android 4.3

Android 4.3 comes with performance optimizations as well as exciting new features for developers and users. It builds on the performance enhancements which existed in Jelly Bean, its predecessor such as reduced touch latency, triple buffering, vsync timing, CPU input boost, reduced touch latency as well as hardware accelerate 2 D rendering and comes with new optimizations.

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