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  • Application Modernization: What is It and Why It is Essential?

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Technology has come a long way, and its evolution has not only led to the steady growth of the web world but has also given rise to new IT disciplines. One such up-and-coming discipline is application modernization. But like several on the rise technologies like blockchain, DevOps, and VR, this too remains an uncharted zone.

Application modernization is one of the emerging tech trends of 2022. In this trend, the companies that were swift in investing and adopting computer technology during its nascent stage are now renewing their old systems with the bettered infrastructure of the computing world including new programming languages and development frameworks.

While most enterprises and organizations have already plunged into it aspiring to reap its benefits, there are several others that are still busy measuring risks. This article attempts to make things clearer by presenting a brief overview of what exactly application modernization is, how to get started with it and why it is becoming essential for industries.

What is Application Modernization?

By now, you should have crafted a vague idea about application modernization. Also known as legacy modernization, application modernization is the practice of updating existing legacy software systems and apps with modernized platforms, internal architecture and infrastructure. The objective here is to renovate the older software to make it more efficient, structurally robust, and safer rather than replacing it altogether with a system built from the scratch.

Technically, there are countless ways to modernize an app but the extent of degree up to which an application requires modernization depends upon several factors though the emphasis is laid on the purpose it serves and its type. Also, it’s a given that the older the system, the greater the degree of modernization.

So while some enterprises might look to enhance the functionality of their system with cloud modernization, others may look forward to maximizing their system’s value by updating their data architecture. If we talk about eCommerce apps, then some existing online stores would like to modernize their app with headless commerce.

How to Get Started with App Modernization?

App modernization sounds relatively easier in theory but in practicality, it is more complicated much to everyone’s chagrin. Setting aside the technicalities, the pressing issue that maximum businesses face is how to get started in the first place. The realization of the need for change is merely not enough.

The first part of the journey is to recognize the modification areas. Do you want to make your system more secure, or your aim is to move it to the cloud? Do you want to enhance it with additional features, or do you wish to automate the repetitive processes?

Clarifying your needs will give you a clear perspective and will also help you in defining strategies, picking platforms, and implementing changes. The other key steps that help in proceeding with app modernization are enlisted below.

Choosing Experienced Development Company

Since app modernization requires tech detailing to the core, it is imperative to have experienced professionals who understand the industry, know the technologies, and are capable of comprehending your requirements. So if you’re looking to modernize a native Android app, then your best bet is to hire Android app developers from an established software development company.

Identifying the Challenges

Legacy app modernization presents many challenges before its pursuers. Getting the best out of it requires addressing those challenges with efficiency in planning and execution. The first one is to weed out the apps that need immediate attention. Small and mid-sized businesses might be limited to a handful of apps, but an enterprise is likely to have a larger number.

The smart thing is to proceed with ones that are mission-critical. The next is cost. Going for software renovation might not cost as much as getting a new one built. But it does have its own expenses, so it’s better to have a cost estimation. The third challenge is acquiring long-term value and system sustainability from legacy app modernization.

The whole point of modernizing legacy apps is to make them more adaptable, flexible and secure. In the end, the most essential thing that matters is how much difference it brings to your business and its consumers.

Knowing the Technologies

Working through the technical details is a task for the professionals, but it is equally important for the stakeholders to know about the technologies. Starting from the app development platform to introducing revised algorithms, there’s a lot that needs to be worked upon.

Storage options, code refactoring, platform migration, prototype development, cloud environments, app testing, and plenty of other tools are involved. Knowing the basics will at least help the stakeholders to get a grasp on what exactly is going to happen to their legacy apps.

These three steps act as icebreakers for businesses on the further development of app modernization and also help them to understand how app modernization presents a perfect blend of performance, price and persistency.

Why is Legacy App Modernization Essential?

The landscape of technology underwent a rapid change in the last decade but 2020’s pandemic revved up the whole thing. With more businesses coming online, the competition increased too. The number of apps grew steadily. Online services reigned the market, and this is when organizations realized that recalibrating their legacy applications with modern technologies has become a necessity.

This recalibration is required to make systems more responsive and smarter and to build a robust yet easily scalable architecture. But these aren’t the only reasons to opt for legacy app modernization. It is essential for the digital age industries because:

  • It makes the lifespan of an application extensible while reaping the benefits of the latest technological innovations.
  • As the world is shifting toward a digitalized infrastructure, there is a dire need for systems that can function seamlessly on the latest software-driven infrastructure.
  • With appropriate modernization services like software re-engineering and re-hosting, an organization can significantly improve its business processes and make them more agile and can do so with cost optimization.
  • Most legacy systems are bulky and monolithic in nature. Some components are either too important to be left out or too expensive to procreate. With modernization, such systems are approached with microservices architecture, i.e., working on components that make development easier and faster.

Take Away

Legacy app modernization focuses on value enhancement, technological alignment, and performance and cost optimization of legacy applications. It ensures that the essence of such apps is maintained while recalibrating them to become faster, more performant, and more reliable. But owing to its core technicality, stakeholders need to find a reliable and experienced development firm where they can find guidance, skills and proper support.

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