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Have you wondered why there’s a sudden uptick in blockchain jobs? Blockchain, the technology that helped Bitcoin scale up, is now one of the most groundbreaking technologies with a potential to impact organizations.

The availability of jobs for blockchain engineer is vast, but due to lack of talent, these jobs remain unfilled. Blockchain is said to be on pace to become the new Cloud of the 21st century. Today, this technology is proclaimed to be the next uncharted, talked about technology similar to how it used to be during the mid-2000s where Cloud was the talk of the town.

A survey by LinkedIn revealed that the job role such as cryptocurrency and blockchain developer in the U.S. and Italy were seen to grow faster than the other technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science, etc. And according to last year’s “emerging jobs report” by LinkedIn said that the demand for professionals like blockchain developer and blockchain engineer was seen to be in demand by 33 times. These are simple instances that indicate the demand for expert professionals with blockchain skills.

Although the demand rises like rapid fire, organizations are keen to hire candidates who have skill-set that can navigate this new technology. Let us talk about what blockchain is and what is blockchain development?

The term “blockchain” was first developed in 2008 after the use of Bitcoin. It is a distributed database that has the ability to store any type of information or record. A user can only be able to edit the parts that they own ensuring that it is not accessible by someone else. However, anyone having the access of blockchain can be able to view the information, therefore making it transparent. Now that this technology has expanded beyond just the banking and financial sectors, you will find several other organizations doing research on how blockchain can help their business expand.

The demand for Blockchain Skills

Blockchain technology is poised to be one of the most highly talked about technology offering the best job opportunities in the current job market. Upwork revealed this technology to be the fastest growing skill in comparison among more than 5000 on the site. As a skill-set and still in its infancy, this skill is being hunted by startups as well as top companies like Samsung and IBM. Today, organizations are not just exploring the cryptocurrency but also the distributed ledger.

According to LinkedIn, the topmost skills include Solidity – the programming language used to create smart contracts. Ethereum, Cryptocurrency development, and Node.js – used to write command line tools for blockchain nodes and servers.

The industry is running short of candidates in the blockchain field, and if smart contracts will be engulfing the world, the job seekers should stay prepared. Those with skills will find themselves ahead in the industry. Those looking to have a leg up in the industry must take up online certification programs like certified blockchain engineer or blockchain developer. Some great careers to choose are blockchain developer, blockchain engineer, blockchain designer, blockchain quality engineer, blockchain attorney, blockchain legal consultant, and blockchain project manager.

The demand for blockchain professionals will keep rising. For every job survey that is conducted, the findings are more or less the same. As this technology continues to grow so will the need for professionals in this field. Although it is still unpredictable how things will turn out to be, however, professionals with skills and expertise in this field will be in high demand. Individuals looking to develop skills in this field will have to constantly keep upgrading themselves and grab a high paid job in the best blockchain technology company.

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