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  • What is Blockchain and Why is It Needed at All?

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Blockchain is a modern technology for recording and storing information that works on the principle of a distributed database: information is copied and stored not on a centralized server, but on the multimillion computers of users included in the blockchain system. This area requires a lot of specific skills, so if you are a beginner, then it is better to contact a blockchain development company to implement technologies. They will help you create unique solutions specifically for your tasks or integrate existing ones.

This technology was created in 2009, along with the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Its creator is considered to be Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity has not yet been revealed by anyone.

Now the blockchain is mainly used for transferring cryptocurrencies. The technology provides full transparency and high transaction speed. The entire transfer process takes a few minutes and costs ten times cheaper than a bank transfer. If you store money and information on the blockchain, the records will never be lost or tampered with.

What is the practical application of blockchain technology in business?

Increasingly, this technology is used by companies operating in the B2C segment and focused on the production of gadgets. Since this technology provides a multiple acceleration of fundraising within the framework of the ICO, it is also actively used in crowdfunding.

Examples of the implementation of this technology are many banks that have launched their own project to build workflow and implement smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Thus, if the business is directly related to remote trading and e-commerce, blockchain can be useful in facilitating automation and accounting for payments. Anyone can view information about blocks, which means complete transparency of transactions.The biggest benefit of blockchain is security. In addition to cryptocurrency, this technology can be used for digital identification.

Web3. As a rebrand of blockchain technology, Web3 offers benefits for businesses and individuals, including complete data ownership, the ability to grant users access to their data across multiple applications, and full data encryption for increased security and transparency. The decentralized systems built with Web3 will also benefit creatives and artists, who can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to sell their products, gaining fair earnings, shared ownership and autonomy. As the creative economy develops along with Web3, more people will have the opportunity to create and create.

Where is blockchain applied?

Nowadays, things are not limited to Bitcoin, and distributed and sequential ledger technology is used far beyond its borders. Of course, primarily in the field of finance and, in particular, in other cryptocurrencies. But the technology is also in demand in the banking and government sectors. For example, blockchain can be quite successfully used for a land registry. Land owners transfer their land plots to other users. Information about this can be recorded in the form of consecutive blocks with a record of all past owners. Blockchain, like other new technologies, makes adjustments to the ideas and strategies we are used to. And it’s very noticeable. This needs to be understood and used wisely.

Blockchain technology is a new approach to data storage that opens up new horizons for doing business, for everyone without exception. Already today, based on this technology, many organizations are preparing to launch a smart workflow system, which indicates the prospects for its active development around the world.

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