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  • 10 Reasons Why Millennials Are Not as Healthy as The Previous Generations

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Things have changed drastically down the years. Beginning from our modes of communication to the food structure, everything has taken a 360-degree turn. The millennial generation is of those people who were born in the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. It is no wonder that as a millennial generation, we are not as healthy as our parents and grandparents used to be when they were young and of our ages. There are many reasons for this. In this article, I will be discussing all the reasons behind us as the millennial generation running into so many diseases these days.

Previous generations were perfect in terms of their mental and physical health. However, the current generation is the one that bumps into multiple issues every year. The truth is that many factors affect our health. Simple examples include climate changes, pollution, processed/canned foods, fizzy drinks, etc. Very few people have a healthy lifestyle, which is why the percentage of healthy people has drastically reduced down the years. In this article, I will articulate all those reasons because of which millennials are weak, mentally and physically.

10 reasons why millennials are less healthy as compared to older generations:

1. Misbalanced lifestyle kills

Our elders had a great lifestyle, which is why they were always fit and healthy. Our generation is the one that has poor eating and sleeping habits. We have become more aggressive and lazy as a result of so many facilities around us. Our lifestyles are not healthy, and we have poor habits, which is why we run into many problems as young people. Back in the ’90s and ’80s, people had a very good lifestyle, used to sleep on time, wake up early in the morning, would exercise and stay fit.

2. Poor eating habits

The term fast food was coined by MacDonald’s in 1948, and for many years this company had a monopoly in the world. Currently, there are thousands of fast food chains around the world that offer instantly cooked food to people. Our generation eats more, exercises less, and consumes unhygienic food. They say that it is crucial to have breakfast early in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and dinner before 7 pm. Our generation has completely changed the dynamics of that which is why people are becoming obese.

3. Less physical work develops obesity

With much advancement in technology, there’s no work that cannot be done without the help of technology. Our elders used to do everything on their own, which is why they had amazing bodies. Obesity was rarely heard or written about in those days. The more the body moves, the better it is for our health. With home delivery services and everything on the doorstep, we have stopped moving out and around the city. Secondly, with everyone sticking to their phones all the time, there has been a decrease in the trend of working out.

4. Sleeping late affects eyes

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. I wish if we would have acted upon it. Social media is yet another disease which consumes a lot of our time, and as a result, we sleep late. The effect of mobile phones is that it deprives us of sleep, and the sleeping time gets naturally reduced. Our elders had great habits, which is why they always had great eyesight. These days, kids are often born with weak eyesight and multiple issues.

5. Smoking and drinking can cause depression

These two problems that have plagued the rest of the world. Even teenagers are involved in smoking and drinking these days. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, the smoking of weed has become a trend in many towns. Youngsters use Indiana fake ID to buy marijuana and other stuff from the local pharmacies. The adverse effects of smoking are widely known to everyone across the globe. Drinking causes obesity and often leads to addiction.

6. Being over ambitious is dangerous for health

It is good to be ambitious but equally bad to be over-ambitious. The need to earn more and strive towards high standards of living is something that needs the investment of time, energy, and lots of money. The millennial generation is striving to achieve more but fails to smile every single day. Some so many people run into depression every single day. This depression, in turn, transitions into the addiction of many types.

7. Hyper sexuality harms a person

We as millennials have gone from water to fire. Hyper sexuality is yet another major issue which we are going through. With dating and relationships being so common these days, it is a cliché for young people to engage in instant lovemaking. The downside of this process is that people run into sexually transmitted diseases and often fall into depression if a heart break happens. Earlier people would often engage in relationships where adults would consent, but these days, young people live their lives on their terms.

8. Medications have side effects

With much advancement in medicine, there is no disease for which a drug is not available. However, the problem with drugs is that they have their side effects. We live in a time where for even a mild headache, we start taking antibiotics. Such medicines have adverse effects on the body and mind. Some medicines even weaken the muscles as a result of which a person’s strength to do any physical work gets reduced.

9. Stress is not good

This is the worst disease which consumes the lives of so many people every year. A shocking fact is that young people dying from mental diseases has become very common. As explained already, depression is a mental illness which affects the overall wellness of a person. Moreover, with a lot of pressure on social media and by parents to succeed in an academic career, young people often take a lot of stress and often end up getting sudden strokes.

10. Overlooking of medical checkup is dangerous

This is a major issue with young people these days. A medical checkup is very important so that a person can always be sure about their healthy body. Medical checkups consist of conventional checkups such as that of blood pressure, eyesight, body mass index, cholesterol levels, etc. We as millennials are so ignorant that we often overlook our medical checkups and don’t even know about a disease that is developing inside. Our elders were never ignorant about this and were always on the ball when it would concern their health.


It is a wonder that we as millennials are never going to be as active as our parents and grandparents were. We live in an age where processed foods are on high sales in the market. We live in an age where technology has encapsulated our lives so much that one doesn’t want to leave their house and go anywhere else. Seldom do we find individuals who are young and very healthy. If you want to stay fit and active, then it is crucial that you develop a good lifestyle to fight all sorts of issues.

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