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  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Opting for Teeth Whitening Services

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Teeth whitening services are one of the most commonly used dental services at present. They make discolored teeth, the natural pearly white color. Since the teeth are an important cosmetic factor in anyone’s facial appearance, teeth whitening procedure is considerably a serious aspect of one’s dental care plans. With the rising frequency with which teeth whitening services are availed, often, arises a situation where satisfactory results are not obtained by the customer despite undergoing the entire procedure. To avoid such cases, customers should be aware of the following 5 common mistakes to not get into any such situation.

1. Choosing A Non-Specialist:

One of the commonest mistakes done by the first-time customers is availing the teeth whitening process is selecting a general dental practitioner without choosing a specialist who focuses only on teeth whitening procedures. A specialist is likely to have far greater experience and has a higher chance of providing adequate customer satisfaction. On the other hand, an inexperienced or non-specialist practitioner can often handle the procedure in an unprofessional manner, resulting in unsatisfactory results and serious long-term health issues.

2. Miscommunication With The Dentist:

Another common mistake which occurs while customers take on teeth whitening services is miscommunication with the dentist. A trip to the dentist is always much dreaded and a patient usually fails to explain in detail all his needs when it comes to the dental procedure. This can often lead to a miscommunication with the dentist in question and result in an unwanted result from the procedure.

3. Showing Reliance On Whitening Mouthwashes:

A prevalent practice among customers looking for quick whitening of teeth is to put their entire money on mouth rinses along with teeth whitening mouthwashes, instead of a full course of teeth whitening services. This has a number of disadvantages, the primary of which is the high alcohol content in such mouth washes, which is much damaging to the entire mouth, including the teeth. Therefore, give due preference to the entire course of a teeth whitening treatment despite of using natural mouthwashes, which are low on the alcohol content.

4. Keeping The Whitening Strips On For Excess Duration:

A major reason for producing unsatisfactory teeth whitening results is the habit of many patients to leave the teeth whitening strips on for longer durations. The major disadvantage of this practice is the damaging effects on the teeth, resulting in excessive sensitivity. It also causes uneven discoloration of teeth, commonly known as splotching. To avoid these drawbacks, it is suggested that the patient undergoing the procedure should apply and remove the whitening strips timely. The use of such whitening strips should be limited to once every five-six months to avoid damaging effects on the teeth.

5. The Practice Of Using A Universal Sized Tray:

Teeth whitening services usually involve whitening trays, which are used for bleaching and whitening the customers’ teeth. Many customers decide to go with universal sized trays rather than opting for specific sized options which is specifically based on the size of the teeth of the customer. Using a universal sized option has the serious disadvantage that it may not fit the teeth of the patient perfectly, resulting in uneven discoloration and further damage to the gums of the patient.

5 teeth whitening mistakes

5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes

A sensitive dental cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening treatment should take place carefully and with due consideration. It is always advisable to avail a full course of teeth whitening services under an experienced practitioner to get the best result. A patient undertaking teeth whitening procedure for the first time can make sure to not make the above-mentioned common mistakes.

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