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  • 5 Ways to Save on Car Refurbishing

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If your car is wearing out, and you’re wondering if your budget can manage a car payment right now, you may want to simply refurbish your current vehicle and keep driving it for a while longer. Whether you simply want to maintain a run-down car or refurbish an old classic or favorite, there are many ways to save on car refurbishing. Here are some tips that may be helpful as you think about refurbishing your car.


One way to save is on replacing or refurbishing your windows. Cracked or broken windows and mirrors can be easily repaired or replaced. In fact, many windshield replacement dealers will come to your home to fix windows so that you don’t have to drive with the risk of broken glass crumbling in your car or being pulled over for a damaged windshield. An auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage may reimburse you for this expense, but you may want to handle it yourself to avoid a possible increase in the policy premiums.


Another way to save is on your car seats. With all the available tools, equipment, and cleaning products on the market, you can probably clean up your car’s seats and interior to look almost new. Start by removing clutter and debris, then address stains with a pretreatment solution. Scrub away the dirt and grease, and your upholstery could look great. If it’s too damaged, you can have the seats reupholstered or buy seat covers. You may be able to buy used seats from a car parts store. You can also often see if professional car detailers can shampoo and clean your seats.

Flooring and Mats

Your flooring and mats can make a major difference in how the interior of your car feels. Often, the flooring and mats can become cluttered and covered with trash, crumbs, and dirt. Cleaning these parts of your car properly can completely change your car’s interior. Worn carpeting can be thoroughly scrubbed or replaced if you prefer. You can buy new floor mats at the dealership, a department store, or online. You may want to add liners for the floor mats and include a protect spray coating for the flooring to prevent grease buildup or residual damage from food and product spills.

Body Work

Small dings and dents might be overlooked unless your car’s appearance is important. You may be able to have them tapped out, with cracks filled, if they are not deep. Spot painting could cover most visible damage. Another option is to look for advertised deals on dent repair and body painting.

Engine Parts

You may be able to buy used parts in good condition from a junkyard owner or from a parts dealer. Online dealers also sell new and used auto parts. Ask about discounts or sale prices when you shop. If you know a mechanic who works on engines as a hobby, he or she might sell you cheap parts or refer you to a seller with the parts you need.

Renovating your car can save quite a bit of money and delay monthly car loan payments. Shop around to find good deals on the supplies and products you need to keep your car on the road a while longer.

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