7 Major Pros of Freelance Writing Job
  • 7 Major Pros of Freelance Writing Job

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When it comes to choosing a career to pursue, there are plenty of options. You can open your own business or work for a company. You can also become your own employer i.e. a freelancer.

Some people see freelance as a risky job. True, freelance can be risky, especially if you aren’t experienced enough, but there’s more to it than just that. Basically, freelance is a job that depends only on you – and this means that you are responsible for both pros and cons of it.

That’s why if you are willing to work hard and be persistent, you can benefit from freelance a lot. It doesn’t matter what kind of freelance writing job you choose – working as an online paper proofreader, as a ghostwriter, as a blogger, and so on.

Either way, you’ll be able to get the following major pros.

1. Flexible Schedule.

Not all of us are able to work effectively during standard office hours. Some find it easier to work at night, some prefer working early in the morning before the office hours even begin. If you are a freelancer, you can choose your work hours yourself, adjusting them easily if your plans change.

2. Your Income Depends on You.

Not all office workers get a salary raise often. When you are a freelancer, you are able to raise your fees as often as you want, especially if you have a decent portfolio. Of course, you have to be rational in this and careful not to overdo it, but still, many freelancers raise their fees successfully a couple of times per year. Moreover, when you have many clients, possible payment delays don’t affect you much: after all, it’s hard to imagine the situation when all the clients suddenly delay payment at once.

3. You Choose Your Clients.

Sometimes you have to work with clients that are quite hard to handle or simply problematic. If you are an office worker, all you can do in this situation is grit your teeth and bear it. Freelancers, however, have more freedom in this: if you don’t like a certain client, you can stop working with them once the project is over or a part of the job is done.

4. The Variety of Work.

You don’t need to limit yourself to a certain niche or even an area of work. When you are a freelancer, you can do proofreading work one day, come up with ad slogans the second day, and write blog posts the third. The topics vary a lot too, so it is almost impossible to get bored.

5. You are Able to Work Everywhere.

If you like staying at home on a rainy day, do so. If you prefer working in a more professional environment instead, visit one of the many coworking spaces or go to a quiet restaurant nearby to work. You can combine both of these options or stick to only one of them – the most important thing here is that your choice depends only on you and your mood.

6. You can Travel a lot.

When it comes to freelance, you are able to choose not only your working hours but also your working schedule in general. If you want to take a day off, you don’t have to ask someone’s permission – all you need to do is adjust your schedule according to these plans, making it possible to finish the work earlier.

The same goes for vacations: you can go on one anytime you want, be it a short weekend trip or a long trip abroad. It doesn’t have to affect your work if you don’t want it to – you can spend the morning working and then go enjoy your vacation.

7. You Save Time.

I’m not talking only about the time needed for you to get to work. When you work in an office, you have to stay there not until your work is done, but until the end of official work day. This can be convenient sometimes but is very inconvenient for those who work fast and prefer to spend their time more effectively.

When you are a freelancer, your work day is over once your work is done. You don’t have to sit there some extra hours if you’ve got nothing to do – and that’s a big pro for many.

Of course, all these pros don’t come for nothing. If you don’t discipline yourself and don’t learn how to manage your time effectively, you will find yourself working all day long, unable to take a vacation. If you don’t fill your portfolio with your best works, you won’t be able to raise your fees effectively. But here freelance work doesn’t differ from the office one much: if you don’t work hard, you won’t get anywhere.

That’s why if you are ready to work hard to get what you want, try freelancing! I hope that you’ll succeed in it. And if you know some more benefits of freelance writing work that you are willing to share with us, please do so in the comment section below.

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