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  • 9 Ways to Get More Product Reviews and Increase Social Media Proof

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Modern-age marketing is more about customers than the brand itself. The perspectives of your customers matter the most when you are trying to build a name and lead your market.

According to a professional social media market consultant, every business requires positive customer reviews and social media proof to thrive in the digital market. If you can build loyalty, those customers help you enhance social media proof and attract more customers.

With a social media marketing expert, you can effortlessly design a cycle of product reviews and keep increasing social media proof consistently.

Here are 9 valuable ways you can make product reviews a powerful tool for your social media marketing success.

1. Allow reviews on your social media pages

A tiny mistake can stop you from getting great product reviews on social media. Many social media platforms such as Facebook allow page owners to enable or disable reviews. Make sure that you enable the ability to leave reviews for customers.

If you don’t allow reviews, it disconnects your customers from your brand. They think you don’t care about their point of views. Plus, you lose every chance of getting high product ratings. So, make sure you optimize every social media page of your business for reviews.

2. Ask for reviews

A simple but effective way of getting more product reviews is by asking your customers. Carefully, place a call-to-action on social media pages. Always include a simple and visible call-to-action with your product posts. This will increase the number of quality reviews.

At the same time, you need to train your representatives who respond to social media audiences. Train them to ask for a review after interacting with any customer. No need to be too forceful, just a polite request is enough to encourage a loyal customer to leave a review of your products.

3. Offer rewards for reviews

A small incentive can easily motivate customers to leave a positive review on your social media pages. You can ask your marketing team to find a minimum value of incentive and provide it to the buyers to help them leave a customer review.

You can offer incentives directly with the purchase. Or, you can run reward campaigns for customers. Your customers can leave a review and enter themselves to win a gift card. Such campaigns help dramatically to increase the reviews from customers on social media.

4. Always reply to the given reviews

If the voice of your customers vanishes on your social media pages, it won’t help as much as it could. You need to make efforts towards responding to customer reviews to encourage more reviews. This allows all customers to see that you value the opinions of your customers and believe in a two-way communication.

Many companies only respond to reviews that are directly sent on official platforms. You need to go beyond that and keep your voice active on every social media channel.

5. Use negative reviews to learn

If you simply ignore the negative reviews, you ignore the chances of improving social media proof. Negative reviews present everything about your products and business, which requires fixing. So, use negative reviews to learn and improve your presence on social media.

6. Promote positive reviews with other customers

Your positive reviews work as a word-of-mouth. You have earned those positive reviews by offering satisfactory product and services to your customers. Let your entire customer base know about the positive reviews you have attained.

Keep sharing reviews and customer experiences on social media via posts. Featuring customers will encourage more reviews from other customers as well.

7. Create video testimonials

Videos are in trend on social media. So, why not invest in turning your customer reviews into video testimonials and make a social media campaign.

8. Include customers as brand ambassadors

A customer, who is excited about your product, can become a great ambassador on social media. You can contact and offer incentives to work with such customers.

Influencer marketing will allow your product to gain reviews from influencers who have a huge following on social media channels. Make sure you choose the influencers of your market niche.

You can leverage a social media marketing firm to choose the best-suited strategies for your business.

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