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  • Experiencing 4 Months Isolation on Mars – An Isolation Model

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This study, funded by NASA, was conducted in 2013. Kate Greene was among the team, and she has shared all her experiences to help people relate to the isolated situations of now. Also, it can help people to understand the true meaning of an isolated environment. Let’s see what story she had to tell us.

The Experiment:

The first thing to keep in mind is that it was not real ‘Mars’. Nor were they all real astronauts. It was a study involving six people in total, who had to pretend like they were astronauts and to spend four months in an isolated dome to feel like they were living on Mars. It sounds strange or even absurd to some people, but since the study was NASA-funded, she went for it. The name of the experiment was HI-SEAS, and the dome was on a Hawaiian volcano. The focus of this experiment was to analyze the mental, physical, and social health of the crew as this will help them to improve the real future trip for astronauts. Kate said that previously she never felt bored in life as she found exciting things to do. But on that trip, she found out that it was because she was always feeling bored. She was the crew writer and had to note down the feelings, frustrations, concerning different events in that isolated experiment.

Conditions of the Experiment:

They had to follow numerous conditions while conducting this experiment. No communication was available to talk to friends or family. Also, fresh food was not part of our stay there. Only non-perishable food items were there. And to leave the dome, they all had to wear those astronaut suits. The world is at chaos now, in 2020. It is no more an experiment for people to stay isolated. They must dodge the pandemic attack through isolation. One thing that these crew members are sure to have is that they had enough preparation for this scenario.

The Purpose:

The experience can be quite disturbing as it went on for months. People with physical disabilities, or the working from home individuals, or people who are going through the challenging isolation of coronavirus outbreak can understand how frustrating it can become at times. The social and psychological challenges often become quite overwhelming for people.

Astronauts feel the same way on their long duration stays and missions. The primary purpose of this mars experiment was to comprehend the response of people to isolation back in 2013. Also, to understand the human system, and mainly the mind. Hence, before directly sending the real team to Mars, they conducted this experiment to know how they will feel emotionally and cope with those feelings. It is because the complete operations and experiences like this depend upon the human system.

Coping Up With The Experiment:

By sharing her experiences of the experiment, Kate told the world how she coped up with the long duration of isolation. She also mentioned that most of the tension in the dome was food-related. Assignment Help London has some piece that will help you further in this aspect. It made her realize the significance that food has in our lives. But she also shared how she made the experience better by using some specific ways:

1. Food Specials:

With the stocked up goods and the non-perishable items, they cooked food specials by trying out different recipes. It broke the monotonous environment that the experiment created for them. Also, on birthdays and other milestones, they had special dinners. People can try that too in the quarantine situation of today. The flavours and food variation can uplift the mood.

2. Maintaining A Journal:

It is a recommendation for astronauts that they should have a journal in which they should write down all about their feelings frustrations and problems. The agency later uses it to comprehend them and to benefit the future teams somehow. As the world is facing a massive health collapse, people can use this time and write all about it. It is an event of historical importance, and keeping a record will help you and the future people. You can also productively utilize your time by doing this.

3. Create New Rituals:

The crew on the mars experiment project made some rituals that helped in marking time. Twice a week, they had a movie night, and that was something they could look forward to every day. In isolation, time seems to slip and keeping a track often becomes tough. It is possible to create more rituals to help people manage and maintain their life in isolation.

4. Socializing:

As it was in the conditions that no or very little communication is possible. The crew of HI-SEAS could not contact their relatives as the experiment permitted little communication. But consequently, they learned to maintain the correspondence that they had.

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