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  • Lessons From Taylor Swift: Being Yourself Is A Revolution

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In the year that many consider as lost and unproductive, in which we did not realize anything of what we had planned to do, the American singer Taylor Swift released a documentary on Netflix, two successful albums and a special for Disney +. Not only did it make me question my choices and the few things I accomplished in these months, but it also made me wonder why someone who usually takes a year or two to launch a new job and who constantly struggles under public scrutiny -not only about what he presents, but also about his private life-, it worked with such comfort and ease in a year of confinement and solitude even when peoples irritate her asking the most formal question: Taylor Swift Height

And I think that with the days I understood. The confinement, the quarantine, the distancing and everything bad or compulsory this year allowed us to stop pretending, pretending, of being who we are expected to be. Much has been said about fashion and how we stopped dressing in things that made us uncomfortable or that we used because we believed we had to. It became known about the case of the divers brand Entire wear, which was already selling 662% more than usual in March. At the national level, meanwhile, Instagram stores were flooded with offers of “joggers” and luxury pajamas, special to spend the indeterminate weeks inside the department.

Makeup Room

Funny was what happened to the makeup? Beyond the myth or the meme, women were expected to put on makeup so that someone else would see and admire us for it, but there were many and many who shared photos of the inside of their masks with lip or foundation marks. There are those who even dared to innovate, applying techniques that they would never have used in public. And it turned out that we did make up for ourselves.

The same happened in those jobs where meeting goals, finishing tasks or sending articles were prioritized (as in the case of media journalists). For a long time, perhaps throughout a professional life, we made sure to meet schedules: arrive early in the morning and, under no circumstances, be the first to leave, even though the day’s work has been delivered. You could always move on or do something else, although in most cases this meant updating news sites, taking quizzes, or checking Twitter.


This malformation of the schedule caused us to become less efficient and focus on complying with the time schedule: no more, no less. But when you don’t have to justify that you were late because the subway stopped or because there was an accident, you can adjust your work to the hours in which it suits you to work. Perhaps for you it is more comfortable to advance at lunchtime and you prefer to take an hour in the middle of the morning or perhaps in the afternoon. Perhaps inspiration comes when you don’t feel pressure to be inspired.

And I think that’s what happened to Taylor Swift. This year she was going to release a documentary for Netflix and Sundance, re-record her first six albums and possibly go on a limited tour to promote her latest album, Lover. The documentary came out without problems on January 31 and that was where normality arrived. Covid-19 became the unwanted guest who ruined everyone’s plans, thereby ending any chance of touring.

Taylor Swift’s Private life

Since the night of July 17, 2016, not much is known about Taylor Swift’s private life, because it was there that her famous fight with the mother of all influencers, Kim Kardashian, reached the climax of it. She became a more secluded person and her Instagram account ceased to be a fluid communication medium with fans and detractors, and every step of her became calculated and careful. Nothing was communicated unintentionally, nothing by mistake.

And so she has remained over the years, despite the releases of the albums Reputation (2017) and Lover (2019). Albums that were well received by her followers, not so much by critics, but that gave an account of a character of her, of what was expected of her.

Until 2020 came, the year that changed everything. In the documentary Miss Americana, as well as in the various awards shows she attended in the pre-pandemic weeks, she makes it clear: She was no longer going to be who they expected her to be, but she was going to be herself. The problem is that the Coronavirus arrived and we were left with the idea that it was going to be difficult to see who this new version of Taylor Swift was until at least next year. Or so we thought.

On the morning of July 23, we woke up with the announcement of an eighth album, Folklore, which would be released on all digital platforms that same night. While that was a surprise, hearing it was an even bigger one. And the same thing happened when she in December she announced the release of a “sister” album, Evermore.

Taylor Swift’s Career

For much of her career, Taylor Swift has tried to “evolve” from country, which is where she started. Although she has never looked down on the genre, she has felt the need to explore other areas, mainly pop, to be approved as a complete artist, someone who does not pigeonhole. A demand that has rarely fallen on others.

And in pop she triumphed; with the album 1989 came a new wave of followers who began to discover her music, and it seemed that she was going to stay there forever. And she might have done it if she hadn’t been for the pandemic and for the obligation to isolate herself. Yes, she did it in the company of her boyfriend and in one of her properties, so she was not a quarantine like ordinary mortals, but it was a period of creation and freedom.

Taylor Swift’s Imaginations

She wrote about stories that weren’t hers, about imaginary loves and fictional characters. She always associated with her friends of hers, but also with artists that she admires and composed music that she feels new and unique, but that at the same time leads us to her first records. It’s as if Swift has gone around the world and is back in Tennessee with her cowboy boots on and a decade of maturity on top of her. As if she no longer wants to fit into a musical genre with exponents who have been doing the same thing for 20 years -and doing it well-, but rather reinventing the rules and rewriting the parameters.

Because she stopped caring about how she had to be, to be whom she really is. And I think when she announced earlier this year that she was going to be herself, even she wasn’t so sure who that person was until she found herself locked up and had it in front of her. That was what happened to us too.

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