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  • Facts about USB Type-C That You Should Know Prior to Buying the Latest MacBook

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In this modern world, the rise of technology is setting benchmarks and is constantly improving our lives. Not only the gadgets like laptops and cell phones are undergoing dramatic advancements, but accessories such as cable, connectors, and ports are developing as well. One such development is in the USB standards that has completely turned the PC industry upside down, but on a positive note.

In 2014, the USB type-C standard was first announced and the concept was put into the application by global tech franchise Apple in its latest entrant to the MacBook series. MacBook users have since then loved the replacement of different ports and cherished the single USB type-C port. You must be wondering how can a single port offer all kinds of functionality, but it is possible by using the best USB-C hub for MacBook Pro. If you are considering buying the new MacBook Pro and unheard of the type-C specifications, here are some essentials that you need to know:

Similar in Appearance, Yet All-in-one Functionality

Perhaps the main thing that separates the USB type-C port from the previous USB standards is its exceptional support and sleek design, something that sits well with the theme of the Apple products. It is a known fact that Apple pays extra attention to the design while creating the products more than technicalities and this is the top reason why the brand selected the type-C USB for its latest MacBook Pro. The USB type-C standard for MacBook Pro is smaller in shape just like the Micro USB and blends the functionality of the USB type-A. Earlier, the users used to fumble due to the orientation of the connector, but the problem has been resolved with USB type-C, which is reversible in nature. Apart from that, the cables with the new USB standard are identical on both ends, making it a lot more user-friendly. No matter which position you plug it in, it is going to work anyway.

Swift Data Transfer

The new USB type-C port is compliant with the USB 3.1 standards that possess the capability to transmit 10 GBPS data, which is practically double the speed of the previous USB 3.0 standards. Transferring files and data to other gadgets from your new MacBook Pro is now streamlined and faster with USB type-C connector.

Power Delivery

According to tech gurus, USB type-C for the MacBook Pro has the ability to deliver hundred watts power, which has made type-C standardize the USB specifications. You can charge your iPhone and iPad anytime and anywhere you want, owing to the amazing power delivery of USB type-C connector.

Bi-directional Nature

Probably the biggest reason of joy among Apple users is the bi-directional nature of the USB Type-C ports. Due to this specification, you can both send and retrieve power from your device. Apart from that, you can use a compatible adapter that follows the Type-C standards and connect various peripherals and multiple devices, owing to its backward compatibility feature.

Final Thoughts

USB type-C has not only allowed the new MacBook Pro look slimmer, but it has revolutionized the USB standards, thanks to its portability, sleek design, power delivery along with high-speed data transfer and reversible nature. Keep the aforementioned points in mind while purchasing the latest MacBook Pro.

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