• Important Web Hosting Trends That You Should Know in 2017

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Building a website for your business is no more a trend, it is a necessity if you want to remain competitive in the market. Be it marketing or promotion, one of the core reasons that you create a website is to capture potential audience that can turn into sales. Choosing a reliable web hosting is the first step towards your success. And with technology getting more and more advanced day by day, there are a lot of different trends that need to be looked out for in 2017!

Recent developments in web hosting have great effect on the way things work on the internet. A business without a good hosting service is simply like driving a car with closed eyes. This is so, because if you are unable to keep your site running and functioning, you won’t be able to sell anything through your site.

Here in this blog, I have listed some of the most important web hosting latest trends that you should pay attention to this year!

Greater Focus on Cloud Hosting Security:

The cloud is one of the most important part of the internet today and almost every user is aware of it. Cloud allows you to store and access your documents from multiple devices and from different locations. The wide adoption of cloud technology by business owners has made it very popular and also susceptible to various security breaches. In response to this, experts are working on the security aspects of cloud and hosting companies offering cloud services have to anticipate the weaknesses and address them aggressively. Hosting service providers are developing stronger communications in the form of collaterals and training to the sales teams. Fighting against various malware and other abuses has become the major focus.

Reseller and Partnership Activities Increasing:

Big companies always make great investments in latest technologies and infrastructure and also move to web host offering advanced tools and techniques. But small companies are also in need of a good web hosting services and partnerships. As numerous big brands like Amazon and others are moving to the hosting field, affiliate and reseller relationships are becoming the mainstay. Small hosting companies and becoming partners with big brands to offer specific services that are needed by small online companies. Niche specific services, cost effective pricing and etc. will play a major role in the web hosting industry.

Changes in Domains:

Latest modifications to the domain names have offered an added advantage for the owners. Today, companies are taking the chance to host their sites with non-US extensions. It is not that every site has to be either a .com or a .net. Users can have the liberty to choose from more than 100 different extensions and experts are of the opinion that hundreds more are there to come. Consumers are also shifting from traditional services to specialized applications with specific infrastructure environments and the hosting service providers offering the broadest services will win the race.

DDoS Mitigation:

DDoS attacks are becoming very common nowadays and many high profile companies are affected by them. It is called the Distributed Denial of Service Attack and is an attack when a malicious person floods the servicer with many requests at the same time and your system cannot keep up with it and it crashes. 2017 has seen an increased amount of such attacks and so web hosting companies are offering DDoS protection as an upgraded option added to their existing hosting plans. If your site is under this potential risk, then you may consider partnering with a host offering protection from DD0S attack as this is a serious threat of this year.

More Differences Among Hosting Providers:

When the cloud was in its infancy, web hosting providers offered more or less the same basic services. But with more and more technological changes and innovation, there is a move towards offering advanced and upgraded services on top of the existing hosting plans. Quality service is important and cloud hosting providers should try to find out the real points of differentiation and market them effectively. This will help them to remain competitive in the crowded industry.

In a nutshell, we can say that the major hosting industry trends that are stated in this blog are driving the infrastructure development and the means by which the companies are offering services to their potential customers.

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