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When you launch your website or a webpage you already have your hands full. There are a number of things to do and choosing the right website hosting India service for yourself is also one of them. Don’t make the rookie mistake of going for just any website hosting service. However, you might not know how to determine what is best for you. Don’t worry, you are about to find out.

Parameters to Determine a Suitable Web Host

Everything will be explained here. All you need to do is make sure you invest time in finding a website hosting India service that fits the criteria. All the parameters are equally important so don’t ignore any of them fully.

1. Type

Starting with the basics, you need to determine which kind of website hosting service you need. If you want your personal blog or something like that, which would need just a few webpages, you don’t need an entire website. You could get a sub-domain on a free website. Like bloggers on WordPress. If you are launching a business with excellent scalability potential, go for a Cloud hosting service. If your website deals with highly confidential data, go for a dedicated server hosting, and so on.

2. Performance

You need to be very vigilant in this regard. You will hear claims of “99.99% uptime”, high page loading speed, or unlimited bandwidth. More often than not, there are clauses with that and things aren’t exactly unlimited. You need to read the fine print carefully and clarify every detail. The website hosting India service that answers all your queries patiently and proves that their claims are true, will be the one to go for.

3. Support

You need 24*7 support so look for it. The website hosting India service that you are going for needs to be available via mail and have a valid cPanel, business name and address that is available right on their website to contact. The website host must be available at all times, every day of the year via email, or phone. Ask around for a good website hosting service that has a good reputation in customer support. Nextra is one of the names that you will hear a numerous times when you ask for consistent and reliable customer support.

4. Communication

Your website experience should be like visiting a very hospitable friend after a long time, every day. You shouldn’t have to try looking for ways to communicate. A good website hosting India service will make sure it is there for you whenever you need. It will give you updates about its performance, and real-time data for your website. Respond when you need to, mostly via the dashboard or Control Panel.

5. Features

Don’t make the rookie mistake of settling for too little. Demand all the features that you could use to improve your website hosting experience. Nextra will offer you every essential feature that makes website handling easy for you. These include advanced tech support with fresh updates, flexible bandwidth options, custom DLLs, exclusive email support, auto responders, reseller programs, sub-domains, and more. Check out the Nextra official Page for the details.

6. Security

Though it is coming towards the bottom of the list, priority wise, it could top the list. Security is obviously an essential factor to check before you hire any website hosting India facility. Find out about PCI, HIPAA, and SAS 70 compliance, IDS facilities, DDoS attack prevention facilities, and availability of latest security patches. You should feel safe enough and not have a single doubt regarding this issue. You cannot compromise on security.

7. Host Size

The number of domains, scalability options with sub-domains and bandwidth flexibility, versatile and long-lasting client relationships, this is what you are looking for. Never settle for less. Don’t compromise on the time and money you invest in research and payments to the group of people who will host your dear website.

8. Tech Support

You will need a group of techies at your disposal at all times. Whether it is the weather, or an accidentally snapped wire, or immense traffic, you need a website host specialist who can be there for every little trouble you have with the website. Getting mere replies to your queries and apologies for inconveniences and then having to be stuck on hold is something you don’t have the time for.

9. Background Check

Even if everything on the list appears to check out, perform a background check on the website hosting India service. It should not be difficult. Just ask around to find out which web host server is the most popular, which one has a bad reputation, which one is never heard about, and which one offers the features and support that is suitable for your needs. Note down real-user reviews, and pitch them against reviews of rival web host servers. Take your time to choose what is best for you.

10. Cost

The cost of a good website hosting India services aren’t too high. You get all these features, or at least most of them, and in a functional condition, at less than $5 per month. You should go for web hosts that offer a money-back guarantee and a non-committal way out in case you are not satisfied with the service. A good web hosting service will never make a fuss out of consumer complaints or reasonable money-back claims in case it happens to mess up. But if you want a good web host for yourself, you need to invest a little more than peanuts to begin with.

As long as you make sure you have considered all these factors in varying degrees if not in the absolute, you will be hooked up with a decent website hosting India service. You can check out Nextra because it is a good example of balanced criteria satisfaction considering all these factors discussed. Explore as much as you can before choosing your web host.

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