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  • Reusable Ice Packs – Providing an Instant Relief and Fast Recovery from Various Body Pains

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One thing which is common for most of the athletes and marathon runners is that they use hot and cold ice packs when they suffer any muscle pain or to reduce any swelling in their joints. Ice packs reduce inflammation by constructing the blood vessels around the injured joint or limb. Cold also creates a numbness so that the feeling of pain is reduced. While doing this, your muscles get relaxed and tension around the joint or muscle can be released. This is why athletes and players soon as they fall or have a bloody nose, the first thing the physician does is he/she applies the cold pack to reduce the swelling.

Generally, a doctor recommends the use of ice packs for 15 minutes and after waiting for an hour use the next ice treatment again. Ice wrapped in a basic plastic bag can just work fine, but they sometimes leak, hard to mold into shape, and can only be used once. With reusable ice packs, they are leak free, forms around your joints, and when you are done they can be put back into the freezer to be used for the next session.

Reusable Cold Packs

Reusable cold packs are usually made of some kind of hydro gel similar to the one used in diapers. This gel is sealed inside a plastic or rubberized bag. After being placed in a freezer, the gel inside the package retains it cold temperature longer than ice.

In case of an emergency or there is not a refrigerator/freezer in sight, an instant cold pack will help. This bag contains ammonium nitrate and an inner pouch of water. When the pouch is broken the water mixes with ammonium nitrate and chemical reactions. The ammonium nitrate absorbs a lot of heat when it dissolves in water making the pack as cold as ice. It provides great temporary relief.

How do Gel Packs Help in Instant Pain Relief?

Reusable gel packs help in promoting of blood flow. Heated gel packs greatly provide relief from numerous muscle pain and swelling. Heat from gel packs provides active blood flow in injured muscle area. Massage and use of gel packs are effective in support and pain relief.

Re-useable gel packs, also called as Re-usable hot and cold packs deliver cold therapy treatment when they are cooled in the freeze just before they are ready for use. Because ice packs are frozen they provide cold therapy treatment at lower temperatures than instant cold packs. But Re-usable gel packs provide cold treatment for longer than instant ice packs. An additional advantage of using re-usable gel packs is that they can be used to deliver cold as well as hot therapy. To provide a hot therapy, re-usable gel packs are heated in a bowl of water in a microwave and this is especially effective in easing aches and pains of muscles and joints. The nature of these re-usable gel packs is that they can be used repeatedly simply by placing it back in the freezer or microwave.

Benefits of using Cold Therapy and Heat Therapy

People involved in sports frequently meet with injuries and accidents which requires quite a bit of movement. Utilizing cool therapy gel is one of the manners by which cryotherapy or cold therapy can be utilized to deal with such issues when they emerge. There are many benefits of using cold therapy such as:

  • Using ice gel can offer topical pain relief.
  • It provides near instant relief when applied to the injured part.
  • It helps in reducing inflammation if it is present and helps to cool down the injured body part therefore, reducing the uncomfortable heat increment.
  • Combined with the active compression, cold therapy can help your body to heal more quickly by preventing tissue damage, and encourages healthy blood circulation and stimulates tissue repair.
  • Steady cooling enables the therapeutic cold to infiltrate further in the body, which implies a greater amount of your recuperating tissue benefits by less swelling, pain, and edema.
  • A more profound, predictable cooling impact endures longer after the therapy session has been finished so you will keep on benefitting from cryotherapy even after the utilization of cold has stopped.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

Heat is basically utilized for relaxation, comfort, and consolation and aides in recuperation of a few sorts of body pain, for the most part more blunt and tireless pains related with stiffness, cramping or sensitivity.

  • Heat eases out the tension reducing the stress built up in the muscles and increases the blood flow which results in the healing of the body.
  • Heat therapy relieves muscles aches. Heat penetrates the muscles and relaxes it. This relaxation is known to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and other injuries or pains.
  • Heat is most valuable in warming up solid or scarred delicate tissues previously extending or work out. It is likewise valuable in relieving pain or spasm related with neck or back wounds.

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