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Did you know your body’s ability to heal is greater than what your medicinal doctor would have you believe? In the ancient system of Ayurveda, the secret of holistic health and wellbeing through sustainable method was implicit, and is now being used as an alternative therapy to beat out the toils and stresses inevitably to the modern lifestyle. Self-healing through flushing out of toxins, which on a psychosomatic level causes negativity, is the way of Ayurvedic therapy. This is carried out through different techniques of administering therapeutic herbal oils, a prescription of herbaceous medicines, dietary refinement, and exercise.

Trying to nurture a balance between the three doshas or biochemical constituents of the body – the Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha, Ayurvedic cure methods mean to harmonize the different energies of an individual. Any excess deficiency, or disorder in this harmonized system can cause illness. Here goes a set of great Ayurvedic therapeutic techniques to keep hale and hearty in leading a modern lifestyle prone to imbalances –


At traditional Ayurveda institutes in India, the process of detoxifying the body begins with a pre-Panchakarma ritual. While Panchakarma is the five-fold method of complete rejuvenation of the body, Purvakarma – the process preceding Panchakarma aims at loosening up the muscular tensions and prepare the entrails to flush out accumulated toxins. The sweat channels and gastrointestinal tracts are the main egresses to pass out toxin fluids.

Purvakarma according to the commonly known Kerala Ayurveda school is activated through two main ways –

  • Snehana, or oleation of the body, directly on the external spheres and circuitously the internal recesses is the first phase of Purvakarma. The potion used is infused with enriched plant extracts, minerals, and essential oils, and is applied through Abhyanga massage in a way so that the toxins are pushed downwards, suppleness is restored in the deep tissues, and the nervous system receives a boost up.
  • Swedana, referring to intense sweating is activated through deep tissue massage with Abhyanga, with herbaceous decoctions applied through a hot sauna. Through Swedana, you can expect all toxins to liquefy and push out through the sweat channels.


This is a five-step process of Ayurvedic inner care. For those immersed in the typical stressful schedule of modern life with no attention to health can seriously damage from gradual toxin buildup, and Panchakarma is a great way to reclaim health for the body through invasive natural means, without any chemical drug usage. Panchakarma is known to sweep chronic diseases clean, as well as build up an immune system to prevent germination of ailments.

Removal of entrenched impurities and dosha-rebalancing is carried out through Panchakarma in the following manner –

  • Vamana

The first step of Panchakarma is to safely and systematically trigger vomit. This method of emesis is considered greatly therapeutic in the sense, it flushes the innards of Kapha excesses. Kapha in excess presents itself in the form of mucus. Respiratory tract blockages caused by mucus excesses can lead to chronic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and sinus disorders. A thorough emesis inducing technique of vamana, purifies the system of such excesses of grimy, mucus body fluid.

  • Virechana

This is a multi-layered process of purging the blood off of impurities with oleation, application of medicinal compress to bring fomentation, and emesis, and finally wrapping it up with a therapeutic steam bath. The process is understood to be reliving the body of excess Pitta, thus an important part of Ayurveda beauty therapy courses in purifying the blood and ridding the skin of pimples, acne, and another sort of problems.

  • Vasti

The term Vasti or Basti, refers to a pouch or a bag. The idea is to pump in liquefied ayurvedic extracts through anal or vaginal openings in a woman. The concoction is composed of essential oils, milk, and herbal extracts, and once soaked in, it helps in purifying the lower tract of the body through the colon and the urinary channel. Diseases that Vasti can slowly cure are—stone of the kidney, backache, constipation, and joint aches.

  • Raktamokshana

The term literally means ‘to let blood out’. This procedure helps in leveling Pitta amassing in the blood system. The treatment involves localized operations, either by little invasive surgical means. However, this is a lesser used technique of the Panchakarma process and isn’t really relevant in case of common diseases.

  • Nasya

Nasya is specialized for toxin removal from the head and neck region. The process is administered through the nasal application with the injection of a group of ayurvedic oils and powders through the nostrils.

Beside this well-rounded purification process, Ayurveda prescribes different treatment methods for hair, skin, and back pain related troubles. Have a taste of its immense goodness!

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