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  • Optical Mark Reader – Revolutionizing Assessment for Educational Establishments

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In earlier times of the education system, the collection of student data and information before the exam, checking, assessments of answers sheets everything was done manually. It used to take weeks/months to complete the checking process and out with the final result. There was a huge cost and time along with a great number of workforces, i.e., teaching staff involved. For making different types of question papers, correcting and typing them back and forth; for assessing the answer sheets. After thorough checking of the papers with a lot of time and efforts being put in, even then there used to be errors in the marking of the answers.

Therefore, with the discovery and evolution of technology internet came into being making each task easier and less heavy with each passing day. And OMR sheets started to be used as information and data collector as well as exam conductors for the teacher and examiners. Consequently, OMR sheet reader software was developed to make the process of reading the OMR sheets smooth and accurate by also providing proper evaluation of the student information and data collection.

OMR software and Optical Mark Reader is developed after a thorough research to fulfill the needs and requirements of the government, non-governmental and other educational organizations in terms of the improving the education system. It provides a completed OMR sheet processing solution for all the pre and post refining of entrance, recruitment, competitive exams, etc. It holds a great capacity of capturing and reading the human marked data effortlessly and rapidly. The unique multi features of this software have made it acceptable and highly recommended OMR software, especially for the government organization.

In the following features and points below we will how Optical Mark Reader has changed the assessment and evaluation process entirely:

  1. This software works as a practical and beneficial tool to extract from more than one OMR sheet simultaneously, saving time and workforce.
  2. Even before it continues to capture the data from different answer sheets, it collects other additional data like student signature, phone number, email address, home address, etc. from the admission form for future references.
  3. With the optical mark reader you can not only read and assess the answer sheets but also generate smart and Innovative reports on different levels for a better understanding of the student performance.
  4. If you are thinking that it only reads answer sheets then let me tell you, it doesn’t; it reads surveys, psychometric tests as well as admission forms. It is an all in one professional as well as educational optical mark reader.
  5. It is the most fastest and innovative way to evaluate various objective and multiple choice questions.
  6. It can read thousand of OMR sheets within a minute and that too with 100% accuracy.
  7. It allows you to create different indexes to customize the graphical representation of the result and progress of students.
  8. Each OMR sheet comes with a unique barcode, this software reader has the flexibility to read the barcode on the OMR sheet and provide the corresponding coded data.
  9. To help you analyze the performance and progress of the students/respondents there are various unique tools available like accuracy, speed, latent and status meters are available for factual analysis.
  10. Along with the online exam conduction and processing, this software can process all your offline exams. It can complete the task of reading the sheets within an hour where it usually takes days and even months to complete reading the sheets.


The optical mark reader evaluates huge bundles of the sheets, forms and surveys. It has the capacity to read thousands of sheets within a minute. This software reduces the time, staff and cost required in processing the documents and avoids basic human errors while assessing the OMR sheets. Additionally, it acts as an important tool in locating misplaced OMR sheets within the system, identify the incomplete sheets and help in completing as well as rectifying them.

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