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  • Reviewing One of the Best High-CBD Hemp Flower Strains

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Sour Tsunami is famous among hemp lovers and regular cannabis users. Besides having a cool name, the strain is also known for its high CBD content. It offers a smooth and calming effect for anyone who is out to have a good time without significant side effects.

However, most users don’t know much about the origins of this high-CBD flower. In this article, we look at the origin of the Sour Tsunami and explore its potential health and recreational benefits. You will also get a few essential tips to help you during purchase.

The Origin Story of Sour Tsunami

The origins of Sour Tsunami go back to hemp breeders in Northern California. The goal was to create a high-CBD hemp flower offering potential wellness benefits over psychoactive effects. Our research shows it is a product of crossing the NYC and Sour Diesel strains.

There is also evidence that other local strains from California were used when creating the Sour Tsunami. The resultant flower was a hybrid strain, packing more CBD content than most hemp strains available on today’s market. It also packs a diverse terpene profile, which explains its unique aroma and flavor.

Buying Guide: What to Look For

Your experience using Sour Tsunami or any other strain depends on where you get the flowers or edibles. Many investors in the hemp business are setting up weed dispensaries, which makes finding the best supplier challenging.

Go for reputable suppliers with top reviews online and in CBD forums. Ensure that they are transparent in their dealings. A good marker is the availability of lab certificates showing the origin of the products and their CBD content.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the flower’s appearance and aroma. These are good telltale signs about the buds’ quality and freshness. Farm fresh Sour Tsunami strain flowers from Cannaflower have a strong aroma featuring powerful earthiness and subtle diesel and citrusy scents. The buds must be dark green with hints of purple.

Also, know the law. Hemp products are illegal in some states. Do your research before placing your order. In states where hemp is legal, the buds, oils, or gummies must comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and have no more than 0.3% THC content.

Wellness Pros of Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower

Sour Tsunami’s potential and magic lie in its high CBD and low THC content. THC is a cannabinoid similar to CBD, but it does possess psychoactive effects. Most cannabis plants with high THC deliver euphoric effects and can sometimes trigger hallucinations.

Even though research on the potential wellness benefits of hemp, Sour Tsunami included, there is a lot of positive anecdotal evidence. Some users have reported that smoking Sour Tsunami flowers helped manage their stress and anxiety.

Also, there are many claims that the Sour Tsunami can help improve sleep quality. Studies show that CBD can help improve sleeping patterns. This is very welcoming for people struggling with insomnia.

Another top wellness benefit of smoking Sour Tsunami strain is it can offer relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

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