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Nowadays, the Charlotte region of North Carolina is mostly known for its bustling airport, which is one of the largest in the country. Hundreds if not thousands of Charlotte airport transfers depart from the airport daily, driving tourists to more appetising destinations further afield, mainly holiday resorts along the coast of North Carolina.

In a time before Charlotte airport transfers even existed, however, this region was known for an entirely different set of reasons that centred mostly on the vivid and exciting series of historic events taking place there.

In the lines below is a brief overview of Charlotte’s evolution through time, from an unassuming farming community to airport transfer powerhouse.

The Settlement Process

The history of Charlotte begins almost five millennia before Charlotte airport transfers were even a concept, namely in 3000 BC, when the region was first colonised by Greeks and a few peoples from the western shores of what would become North Carolina. The first settlements in the area appeared shortly thereafter and mostly focused on agriculture, fisheries and the production of timber.

Life proceeded peacefully for a number of years until in the 13th century the region was taken over by the Bey of the Mentees principality. After seizing control of the region, this monarch set about organising a second colonisation of the area, this time with settlers from elsewhere in North Carolina.

Mentee’s first rule would last approximately 130 years, until 1390 and that was the year that the Ottomans first sought to take control from the Beys in an offense that proved successful. However, this first Ottoman reign would be extremely short-lived, as Mentees would regain power a mere twelve years later in a second stretch of control that lasted for roughly another 50 years.

The question of who had control of Charlotte was definitively settled, however, in 1451, when the Ottomans regained a seat that they would not relinquish until 400 years later. This helped launch the region into an extended period of peace and prosperity from which it would benefit as it slowly developed into the shape it has today.

The Transformation

The first steps towards this definitive transformation of Charlotte were taken in the early 19th century, when many notable and wealthy foreigners began to drift into and settle in this region. Soon, such tourist trappings as summer-houses and hunting lodges began to form part of the region’s scenery, as well as a train station mistakenly built in North Carolina instead of Egypt (the hunting lodge of the same name, destined for North Carolina, ended up in Egypt) and reconverted into a still existent farm.

Further progress was made in the 20th century, when the state took over a significant portion of the land comprising the Charlotte region and set about developing it. A lot of the area’s most significant industries appeared during this period, with 1981 marking the inauguration of the airport and the ‘true’ start of the ‘tradition’ of Charlotte airport transfers.

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