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  • 9 Important Memorizing Tips for IAS Mains Exam 2018

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Mother of all exams in India, the Civil Services Examination 2018 is on-going with Mains Stage just around the corner and the candidates, who have cleared for the stage are all up their toes preparing for this extensive Stage. Scheduled to be conducted from September 28th, 2018 onwards, one challenge that the aspirants are facing at this stage is memorizing everything that they have studied. In this article we will give you 9 important memorizing tips for IAS Mains Exam 2018, to remember all that you study, as you go with the topics.

Before moving ahead to the life-saving memorizing tips for IAS Mains Exam 2018, have you taken a Mock Test yet? Mock Tests are the ultimate source of assessment for Civil Services Exam preparation. So, if you have not taken one yet, go test yourself with IAS Mains Test Series! Click here to know more!

Coming back to the topic IAS Mains Syllabus, here are some simple memorizing hacks for IAS Mains Exam 2018 –

1. Hear yourself study –

An age-old technique followed in every sphere of life, we all tend to remember what we have said better than what have mere read. It may sound crazy but go ahead and give it a try! Read aloud while studying any topic and your mind will automatically remember it well.

2. Make notes –

Writing apart from reading is the second-best exercise for your mind to remember and recall a subject or a topic, even after the long period of time. Prepare crisp & short notes, as you go with the topics. These notes will also aid your revision phase!

3. Group Discussions –

 Discuss an important topic with someone having similar interests, like a peer group or other like-minded people, regularly. For, healthy group discussions or knowledge sharing sessions can be extremely fruitful in recalling a topic at the later stage. It also helps one develop an all-around perspective to approach a topic.

4. Practice Answer Writing –

Solving Previous Year Papers, Mock Tests, and other subjective quizzes, at regular intervals, is again one of the most effective memorizing technique which will help you remember the entire topic, with all relevant details.

5. Watch Videos and documentaries –

 Videos and especially documentaries related to a particular topic tend to leave a stronger impact on your mind. Therefore, to remember the key details for topics like historical events, environmental issues, etc, videos and authentic documentaries are the best way to gain knowledge from.

6. Practicing Mind Maps is a must –

Mind Maps are the diagrammatic structures with related ideas and keywords branched out in various directions of the topic (mentioned in the center of the diagram). These help your creativity mind function better and solve problems more effectively. Therefore, practice Mind Maps for all the important topics and information, relevant to be recalled.

7. Study with a strategically planned time-table –

At this stage of the examination exhausting yourself is nowhere a good idea. Balance your study hours with regular relaxation breaks for meditation, outdoor walks, Music, talking to your dear ones (family & friends), or your favorite activities. Such recreational breaks will boost your concentration, uplift your mood and help you recall that you have studied, more effectively.

#Note – Choose the best options, even at a break – Now, when we say take a break, we literally want you to enjoy this relaxation period! You could listen to positive and motivating music, for it will also help you pump up your spirit and study with a progressive approach. Similarly, all the activities that you choose must be of nature, that boots your morale and naturally push you towards giving your best!

8. Sleep well & eat better –

Obvious to its reasons, an IAS aspirant must inculcate healthy habits in their regular lifestyle, starting with early sleeping hours to eating healthy. Compliment it with regular yoga sessions and your memory will do wonders while you write India’s toughest exam.

9. Meditation is the leisure of the soul! –

 We all understand the importance of Meditation in our life. Hence, we will keep it simple – Meditate to let your body and soul relax and re-energize for a better performance. Meditation brings wisdom and here, at this stage of writing one of the toughest exams, you will need some!

When meditation is dominated, the mind is unbreakable as the flame of a candle in a place without wind – Bhagavad Gita

These were some really quick and simple tricks to follow in your daily routine and boost your memorizing skills naturally. Should you have any better and creative ways to do so, please include them in your study schedules and make the best of your preparation phase!

Here you will get the end to end IAS Mains Syllabus which is conduct by UPSC, IAS and Indian Administrative Services.

Wishing all the luck for upcoming IAS MAINS 2018!

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