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  • Tools That Help Make Your Insurance Company’s Site More User Friendly for Your Clients

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Insurance companies have come a long way thanks to the internet. While a trip to an office or contacting a broker used to be the only way to get coverage, consumers now have dozens of options at their disposal anytime. However, with more visibility comes greater competition, and one of the biggest struggles companies face is modernizing their sites to be more user-centric.

Insurance companies, along with healthcare providers, often take a company-first mentality to web design. They want to document relevant information and make it accessible for consumers, but this often results in confusing, cumbersome, or poorly designed sites that are a struggle to navigate.

By incorporating these tools onto your insurance company’s site, you can improve your visitors’ experience and help them take actions that matter most.

Quote Calculator

No matter what type of insurance they’re buying, people look at price first. Budget is often the biggest factor when it comes to the level of coverage someone settles on, and it can help make a conversion if your site has its pricing readily available. Rather than encouraging people to contact you and potentially losing customers, add a quote calculator that gives someone an estimate for their potential policy.

Go a step further and have the calculator present several potential policies based on a person’s information. Consumers are empowered by the freedom of choice, and granting that to them is one of the best things an insurance provider can do to build trust with future customers.

Streamlined Software

Insurance and healthcare operations are often archaic by today’s digital standards. Back-office healthcare operation services help automate and streamline many of the processes that often lead to delays and frustration. From billing to bookkeeping, you want a software working 24-hours a day behind the scenes to give your clients the fastest, most effective service.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant in the form of a chatbot can help guide site visitors to the right destinations. Virtual assistants can be programmed to display a pop-up menu of options that help anyone on your company’s website get immediate support. They could click on options like “I’m looking for coverage” or “I want to review my policy” and instantly be redirected. Alternatively, your chatbot can be made to recognize phrases that customers type so that they can appropriately help.

Using virtual assistants improves customer support by eliminating confusion and redirecting help to the appropriate parties more efficiently. If someone can’t get what they need from a bot, they can then be directed to your contact page and so they can speak with a live representative.

These three tools are far from being the only website features you can add, but they are a great starting point for modernizing your insurance website. Adding greater customer support, automating services, and improving options will give visitors a sense of freedom that translates to trust and loyalty. Focus on providing answers, not just regurgitating information, and you’ll find that interactions with website visitors lead to more conversions and more satisfied existing customers.

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