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The Palace of Versailles is without a doubt one of the most visited spots in the world. The palace, which was formerly a residence for French kings and queens, is among the most lavish and exquisite in all of Europe.

You can stroll around the Versailles gardens and passageways to see where Queen Marie Antoinette had an extraordinary life before her infamous and sad demise. When you visit there, be prepared to behold the surreal sites that the Hall of Mirrors comprises.

So, when you take the Versailles Palace tour, you need to keep in mind a few things. These are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind while taking the Versailles tour:

Take care to check the weather before your day trip to Versailles to ensure your comfort. Wear comfy shoes no matter the season because you will be walking a lot. The distance from the train station is a strenuous cobblestone walk.

Take a warm layer of clothing every season because the area around the chateau is open and can get fairly windy. The palace and its surroundings can get very warm in the summer, so wear a hat and use sunscreen. Carry a rain jacket as it might rain at unwanted times. Please be aware that face masks must be worn indoors and at the palace for your safety and to comply with French laws.


As with most significant sites in Europe, security is stringent at Versailles. While entering the Palace you need to make sure that you don’t carry any umbrellas or baby carries with you. They can be left at the left luggage counter. Don’t forget to leave your hotel with any heavy bags, luggage, rucksacks, or sharp things.

Things to Keep in mind:

Metal-framed buggies and strollers (apart from the Stables). All portions of the museum that are accessible to wheelchairs are allowed. Animals, even those muzzled or on a leash, are not permitted to get inside the premise.

You should not bring inside any sorta food or beverages. Be mindful of what food items you are carrying because you will be stopped at the entrance. Tripods and selfie sticks are prohibited, so refrain from carrying them. Flash photography is also prohibited. Refrain from doing any of those to avoid any unwanted chaos at the site. All professional, collective, or commercial uses that call for the prior written consent of the President of the Establishment are prohibited while photographing or filming works on show in permanent exhibition spaces.

Additionally, visitors are asked not to touch the artwork, smoke inside the museum, or cross any other physical obstacles. Cash, jewellery, computers, and other valuables cannot be placed in left luggage along with clothing. It is always advised that you don’t carry any valuables with you when you enter the premises.

In the gardens, the Courtyards of Honor of the Palace, and the Palaces of Trianon, bicycles—even those being pushed—are not permitted. They are allowed in the Park on the approved trails, provided they do not pose a threat to pedestrians, and on Marie-Estate. Antoinette’s Bicyclists who venture beyond these permitted areas do so at their peril and in violation of the law. Bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles may not be fastened to fences or other fixed objects.

Parking spaces are available for visitors’ cars. Parking outside of these authorised parking areas, especially on grass or in front of fire exits, is strictly prohibited. Additionally prohibited are cleaning, oil changes, other car repairs, and parking in the Estate outside of the Estate’s designated opening hours. Vehicles left in the parking lot after the specified opening hours risk fines. Vehicles with valid parking permits, provided by the Establishment’s visitor relations, surveillance, and security department, are only permitted in the Large and Small Stables parking lots.

The owners of vehicles left on the grounds after the designated opening hours or discovered to be without valid authorization may get tickets from the Estate’s parking wardens, except for those who live in the Large and Small Stables and have permanent parking licences. Any vehicles discovered to violate these guidelines may be removed by the EPV President at the owner’s expense.

The rules and regulations also apply to everyone who enters the national estates of Versailles and Trianon, but they do not rule out the possibility of additional rules being imposed on individuals or organisations who have permission to use specific locations for meetings, receptions, conferences, concerts, shows, ceremonies, or other events.

So, if you are taking the Versailles Palace tour, make sure that you take these essential things and adhere to the set of rules mentioned in this article to enjoy a mesmerizing and flawless experience. Safe Travels!

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