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  • Why an Integrated Approach to Medicine Is Far Superior

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Within the last few decades, the concept of using a more holistic approach to healthcare has become widely accepted throughout the medical community. The use of complementary therapies and natural substances now have a proven track record of safety and efficacy to the degree that the somewhat pejorative term of “alternative medicine” has been replaced with the more accurately descriptive “integrative medicine”. Whereas traditional medicine tends to focus on specific symptoms and separate parts of the body, integrated medicine recognizes that both the mind and body must be taken into consideration before the healing process can truly begin.


The ever-increasing worldwide demand for natural remedies and therapies is the result of legitimate concerns over the harmful side-effects of synthetic prescription drugs. The current opioid crisis is a perfect example of conventional medicine acting as a cure-all for all sorts of body aches and pains that could just as easily be alleviated using natural compounds that are non-addictive, and far less toxic. Some companies, like Regenesis MD, know just how important this is. Instead of just blindly accepting another powerful and potentially harmful pain-killer prescription, make an appointment to visit an integrative health clinic and start down the true path to true healing.

Mind and Body Together

As modern medical practices become more high-tech with the use of AI and robotics, many people are starting to resent the cold and impersonal nature of their healthcare providers. These same people often times become enthusiastic converts to integrated medicine after experiencing the whole-body methods that give you the opportunity to be an active participant in your own healthcare. To truly treat a patient, you need to find a more helpful path to follow. Using a combination of natural remedies and some pharmaceuticals allow patients to heal in a better, more wholesome way.

The Western Medicine Mindset

Merely suppressing symptoms of maladies such as back pain, insomnia, and heartburn with prescription drugs does nothing to cure you, and might actually do more harm than good. A more enlightened approach would be to not only establish a regular physical diagnosis, but also take into account a person’s behavior, lifestyle, and personal stress levels. Doctors in the US are only trained to use prescription pharmaceuticals while turning a blind eye to natural remedies. This is why the US has such unhealthy people, because medicine is taught wrong and not practiced to help anyone, but only to make a buck instead.

The natural physical therapies and herbal potions of modern integrated medicine can often be traced back to ancient times, and thus have been proven effective over many centuries of use. With an emphasis on holistic preventive measures that allow your body to correct itself, integrated medicine gives you the power to be in complete control of your own healing process. Most insurance companies now acknowledge the effectiveness and safety of many popular integrated healthcare measures by reimbursing their costs. All this broadens your ability to choose the most non-invasive way to achieve good health.

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