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  • Winning Investment Trends to Look Out for this 2019

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The New Year is upon us and with a month gone, many people, especially investors are looking to review their portfolios and their investment strategies. On the other hand, newbies in the investment scene will be looking for new investment avenues in various industries, trends and sectors.

However, for seasoned investors, they’ll want to dig into various investment ideas and research to find out whether they offer any future promises this is in addition to forums such as Investors Hangout.

The trends in this article are worth considering as you look to diversify your portfolio.

1. Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are some of the leaders in this space. In fact, in the previous quarter, Amazon’s revenues rose by 46%. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure rose by a whopping 76% within the same period.

With this mind, cloud computing is proving to be a worthy investment for years to come and 2019 is especially promising.

2. Electric Cars

If you don’t know by now, the future is electric cars and Tesla is well aware of the opportunities ahead. In addition, the public is receptive of the new technology and this is evident in the soaring sales recorded in 2018.

For example, at the close of the third quarter, sales rose by a staggering 93% and with the new model in the market, Tesla’s future is bright. This is because they have shown the world it’s possible to produce low-cost electric cars in huge volumes.

3. Dividends

Stocks with high-yielding dividends promise huge returns this 2019. This is thanks to the increased profitability of numerous companies powered by a favorable economy at the moment.

The best part about dividends besides regular pay is the annual increase in payouts. In fact, some companies offer their shareholders special dividends apart from regular dividends.

For example, Texas Instruments has a dividend yield of 3.3 percent. This offers investors a great source of income. What’s more, the shareholders enjoy a yearly dividend increase, at least for the last 15 years. You can check out Investor Hangout for more.

4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Again, technology ranks as one of the lucrative investment options. In this particular sector, two companies Intuit and Square offer promising investments.

The former’s fiscal revenue for 2018 rose by 15 percent compared to 10% recorded in 2017. This is also backed by a 40% growth over the years courtesy of online revenues.

Square, on the other hand, saw increased revenues in its third quarter, 51% to be specific. This marked 6 quarters in a row of growth.

5. Digital Security

Mention digital security and the first thing that comes to mind is the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal. This remains to be a hot topic moving forward with numerous organizations rushing to secure their data against exploitation.

Okta, an enterprise identity-management company is reaping massive profits by offering security solutions to these organizations. Indeed, the appetite is massive and Okta’s revenues prove this. With their latest quarter showing a 58% rise, investors will have a keen interest in getting a piece of the profits.

Investments require deep research. The listed investment options provide a starting point if you’re looking to expand your portfolio this 2019. In addition, you can also join various investor forums such as Investors Hangout for more information on the best investment ideas.

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