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  • 10 Indispensable Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

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In the USA, 1 out of 8 women suffer breast cancer and its ratio is increasing. It is mandatory to create awareness regarding this disease because everyone has a right to live a healthy life. 13% of the total women population is currently fighting this disease. Women should know the reasons that trigger this cancer so they would be able to take better precautions.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 trigger breast and ovarian cancer. Alcoholism can be the main reason to become a victim of this disease however, it has other reasons too. Here, we have revealed some mandatory tips that can help women to prevent this disease.

Avoid Obesity

If you have a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, your maximum weight should be 60Kg. Getting overweight is the reason for many problems so you should prefer to avoid obesity through a healthy diet and exercise. Right at the time when you start gaining weight, cut extra meals from your diet and make vital changes in the routine.

Being a couch potato is the main reason to gain weight and if you do not go out for a brisk walk or exercise, you may suffer other problems along with obesity. Hong Kong breast cancer has published a report that clearly reveals obesity leads to cancer and other diseases. Therefore, women should ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Try Not to Consume Alcohol

It is obvious that women who drink too much alcohol are prone to diseases. The ratio of breast cancer is high among ladies who are alcoholics and consume other drugs. There is nothing more important than health so if you are addicted to alcohol, try to reduce its consumption slowly and after a certain period, quit it permanently. It is not about breast cancer only but alcohol triggers other cancer cells as well.

Do Not Smoke

You might have heard that smoking leads to lung cancer, however, its side effects are much more than lung damage. We need to control the ratio of breast cancer and for this purpose, smoking habits among women should be discouraged. Age factor also matters a lot for this disease as if you are above 50 and indulge in smoking and alcohol, the chances of breast cancer are high.

Global cancer association conducts seminars every year in October to create awareness regarding this disease so we suggest ladies attend those seminars especially if they are above 40.

Go For Mammography Once a Year

Do you have basic knowledge of mammography? It is the next stage of breast X-ray as it identifies any sort of lumps in the breast tissues. Early identification of cancer is possible through mammography whereas the next stage is to do a biopsy for further confirmation. Mammography is just an examination of the breast and it is not painful.

So, you must go for it every year because it will bring you peace of mind if you get negative reports. In most hospitals, mammography is free of cost and you must consider it especially if you feel any sort of pain or lumps in the breast.

Breast-Feed Your Babies

In this era, we can clearly observe that ladies do not breastfeed their babies. It is one of the major reasons that lead to breast cancer. Nature has made a procedure of feeding babies and women should follow it for a healthy life. It is not good for a child to have powdered milk because it doesn’t prove as healthy as breastfeeding does.

The chances of breast cancer are rare in ladies who breastfeed their babies for a long time. Several awareness campaigns are proving helpful in this regard and doctors also recommend ladies to not go for powdered milk when they deliver a baby.

Stay Physically Active

Those who stay physically active usually suffer fewer health problems. Women who spend most of their time at home and do not go for a walk or exercise are more prone to breast cancer. For a healthy life, it is crucial to follow a fine health routine. We suggest doing a brisk walk on a regular basis.

The duration of the walk should be of at least 30 minutes. You can prevent many diseases by simply keeping yourself physically active because other problems like joint pain, obesity, and diabetes also occur due to a lazy routine.

Avoid HRT If You Can

Hormone replacement therapy is not good for women as it makes cancer cells active in the body. HRT is not mandatory and if you want to control menopausal symptoms, we suggest avoiding consuming progesterone. Doctors are also not in the favor of HRT so if you ever go for it, make sure to consult at least three doctors to know its consequences and safe ways of doing it.

Avoid Birth-Control Pills

Birth control pills are not good for health because they can affect hormones adversely. Ladies who take pills to control birth may become a victim of breast cancer because artificial ways of controlling pregnancy also cause problems.

However, if it is mandatory to take pills due to certain reasons, we suggest consulting with a doctor first because he can guide you better. Artificial ways of controlling birth are not good to practice unless a doctor recommends you do so.

Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Sleep patterns have significant effects on one’s life. If you do not get a good sleep every night, you may suffer dizziness, a lazy routine, headache, and multiple other problems. Breast cancer can be triggered due to carelessness. So, you must improve your sleep routine to avoid any sort of health problems that can certainly lead to cancer.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is not less than a poison these days because everyone eats it a lot without pondering physical health. It not only leads to obesity and weight gain but it can be a reason for other health problems too. You must avoid eating junk food excessively. However, once a month, you can have a little. These suggestions can help ladies prevent breast cancer.

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