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  • Are You a Victim of Cybercrime – Here’s What You Should Do

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We cannot consider the internet as a safe place anymore. In this world of digitalization, the use of the internet is growing tremendously and even cybercrime is growing at the same rapid rate. The real world is full of good and bad people. Similarly, you will also come across some good people on the Internet who use all their cyber security knowledge to help others, and they are known as ethical hackers. But the internet consists of some bad people too who use their cyber skills to create fear in the minds of others and spread threats. These people are known by the name of unethical hackers who commit fraud, violate privacy, and even try to steal your identity for their advantage.

The world has become dependent on the internet for various things. Almost every sector requires it in today’s date for some or the other purpose. While the internet provides a huge lot of benefits, it also comes with its dark side which everyone would want to avoid. But, not everyone is successful in avoiding the dark side of the internet and they end up being a victim of cybercrime attacks. Are you feeling like you might be a victim of cybercrime? Do not worry, this post will provide you with the knowledge of what to do in such situations.

Types of cybercrimes

Cybercrime is the term used for crimes that are committed on the internet by sitting behind a screen. There are three different types of crimes happening on the internet.

Crime against individual

This is the type of cybercrime that is conducted against individuals or individual property. Cybercrime against individuals includes stalking on the internet, harassment through emails, virus transmission, identity stealing, hacking of gadgets and accounts, cyber defamation, etc.

Crime against organizations

Cybercrime against organizations consists of the distribution of pirated software, cyber terrorism, system hacking, etc against companies, associations, corporations, and government associations.

Crime against the society

This is the type of cybercrime conducted on a large group of people altogether. Cybercrime against society consists of the sale of illegal articles, child pornography, online gambling, etc.

Note – Some other cybercrimes do not fall under any of these three categories. Some of them are credit card amount theft, intellectual property theft, sale of illegal items, web jacking, etc.

Victim of a cybercrime – Here is what you need to do

Here are the important protection measures that you must take when you feel that you are being a victim of a cybercrime.

Update your system and software

By keeping your system and software updated, you will be assured that you have the latest security system that will save you from being the victim of any cybercrime. Make sure to go for regular updates without any failure.

Use the best antivirus and keep it updated

Having the best antivirus or a comprehensive internet security solution is the best way when it comes to protecting your system from various cyber-attacks. Antivirus software allows you to scan, detect and remove threats before they convert into serious issues. It is very essential to keep your antivirus updated so that your data gets the best level of protection.

Always make sure to change passwords

If you feel that you are likely to be a victim of cybercrimes, you should immediately change all your account passwords. Also, make sure to use strong passwords that people cannot easily figure out. You can even use a password manager tool to generate strong passwords.

Contact companies when you receive any suspicious requests

When someone acts to be from a company and asks out for your personal information or data, hang up immediately. Connect with them on their official number available on their company’s website to ensure you are speaking to them and not a cybercriminal. Also, make sure to use a different phone number because there are chances that these scammers might hold the line open.

Keep a check on the website URLs that you visit

Always make sure to check the URLs before clicking on them. Do they appear to be legitimate or seem suspicious? Do not click on any link having URLs that look like spam. Moreover, make sure that your internet security system comprises functionality to secure all online transactions. Always turn it on before doing any online transactions.

Immediately connect with a good private detective

If you ever feel that suspicious things are happening around you on the internet and you are being a victim of cybercrime then immediately get in touch with a private detective agency and share your issue with them. They will solve your case in the best possible way and also guide you during the whole situation.


We cannot avoid the use of the internet in this era of advanced technologies. As long as there is the internet, cybercrimes will continue to arise. All that we can do is take the best measures to avoid being a victim of such crimes.

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