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When you’re making engaging videos for your audience, there are tons of image editing tools, both online and offline, that you can use. Now, if you’re new to image editing and have almost no design expertise, this is a good place to get started.

Before we dig deep into the sources, let us learn why photo editing is important for videos.

How Important is Photo Editing for Video Making Tools?

Video making has become really easy thanks to online video creation platforms like Rocketium, which let your create videos even if you have 0 design expertise.

Now, let’s say you’re making a video for your social audience. The first scene, which is where you introduce the topic to your viewers, is very important. In this particular scene of your video, you want the text to dominate the image.

Here is where the power of photo editing tools comes in. You can blur this image or add filters to reduce the prominence of the image. An example:

example image 1

Example Image 1

Here is the edited version of the image:

edited version example image 1

Edited Version Example Image 1

This tiny edit now ensures that you as a viewer, will focus more on the text rather than the image.

Image filters aren’t restricted to just ‘Blur’ and ‘Black & White’. Say you have an image that is rich in colors, and looks like this:

example image 2

Example Image 2

Everything in this image is wrong. The text is not readable because it black and is on top of a dark background.

One way to fix this is to change the color of your text. But if you’re a brand or a business, it is possible your design team has asked you to stick to a certain color palette to maintain a brand consistency – which is a very important practice.

So, what do you do? You do not want to replace the image, because that changes the entire essence of this scene of your video. You use image filters. Check the filter I used for this scene:

edited version example image 2

Edited Version Example Image 2

Notice how the text is readable and the essence of the image is not compromised as well.

Image filters work the other way as well. You can apply dark filters to increase the readability of bright text colors on light colored images. An example:

example image 3

Example Image 3

Now, here is the same image, but with a dark filter:

edited version example image 3

Edited Version Example Image 3

Amazing what image filters can do, right?

Here Are Some 4 Online Photo Editing Tools


Using third party tools to edit images and then uploading them is a lengthy and cumbersome process. To tackle this, Rocketium, an online video making tool, comes with a built-in photo editing tool.

rocketium online video making tool

Rocketium Online Video Making Tool


Pixlr is a free online image editing tool. There are 2 web apps available: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.

pixlr online image editing tool

Pixlr Online Image Editing Tool


PicMonkey is a great image editing tool for videos. They have a very cool feature – picture collage.

picmonkey image editing tool for videos

PicMonkey Image Editing Tool for Videos


Fotor has prebuilt modules for creating collages, greeting cards, and HDR images.

fotor prebuilt modules for creating collages

Fotor Prebuilt Modules for Creating Collages

Know any other tools I may have missed? Comment below and tell us what about them makes them stand out from the tools above!


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