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  • Professional Advice for Installing Electrical Outlets in Your Office

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Installing electric outlets in your new office is never easy, no matter how experienced you are. You have to be very careful and check everything twice but talking to a professional might be an even better idea. You also need to be aware of the energy saving options such as usave. If you too are thinking about installing outlets in your office for your start up business, here’s what you need to know.

Decide how many outlets you need

Most people think this is going to be the easiest part of the process, but things can get complicated really quickly. Defining the number and position of your new outlets should depend on the number of people in your office and the equipment they’re using every day. A simple laptop needs just one outlet, but if you have a desktop and a printer, you’ll need three. So, do the math first and only then start making holes in the walls.

Starter hole

Once you define where you need your outlets, start by making a starter hole with your screwdriver. Jab through the drywall, but don’t be too aggressive, or you might damage it permanently. After you’ve made the initial hole, switch to the saw and let it do the rest of the work. Again, take care of your safety and make sure you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else while making these holes.

Strip cables

This is something you need to do before installing the box, and definitely not the other way around. Stripping cables might require some skill, but, more importantly, you’ll need to be extra careful not to damage your hands or eyes in the process. So, get some protective equipment or even talk to a professional. For instance, certain countries, like Australia, forbid you from doing these things on your own in the first place. That’s why Aussies always keep their favorite Sydney electrician on speed dial, just to make sure all their cables are stripped properly.

electrical outlet placement tips

Electrical Outlet Placement Tips

Cut holes and install electrical boxes

Next, you need to cut holes that are big enough for your electrical boxes that will actually contain your outlet and wires. There are several types to choose from – metal, plastic and fiberglass are the most popular ones, though – so be sure to pick the one that’s durable, stable, cheap and easy to install. Also, when installing it and placing it into your drywall, make sure your electrical box is fixed into place and not wobbling around because that’s the easiest way to start a fire at your office.

Connect and fold wires

You’re almost finished now, but there are two more things to do: you have to connect the wires together and then fold them back into the box. Now you can be sure all your wires are neatly organized and in the correct position, and you can get power right into your box. Do so by using general-purpose circuits because you can add on to these more than on individual and already dedicated circuits.

In the end, you must protect the entire circuit, the box and the outlets, as well as remember to install tamper-resistant receptacles. Although these are usually meant to protect kids against sticking sharp metal objects into outlets, your co-workers will find them just as helpful. Again, try to be careful and avoid any potential dangers by wearing protective equipment, or, better yet, leaving this job to a professional with more experience than you.

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