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  • 5 Best To-Do List Apps For 2021

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The world has become increasingly busy, which means for a normal human being juggling all things at once can become quite difficult to remember. Good thing that we have all these phone applications that are designed to help us in our everyday tasks.

You can only be productive if you are organized, and you know what needs to be done. How do these to-do list apps help us? They not only organize our tasks for us but also help us prioritize tasks accordingly depending on the nature of the work, description, and more.

I was not someone who see myself using these applications, but once I started using them, trust me, it made me a whole more productive and organized. It helped me focus on what needed to be done and eliminated distractions. Why? Because I knew everything would be handled in due time because everything is planned out strategically in these apps.

So there is so many application out there that you can, but for your ease, I have listed down the 5 best ones that can help you best do your work as efficiently as possible.

Best To-Do List Apps For 2021


Trello is a great application when you want to manage teams. The application can be used on your computers or your phones and helps in assigning and managing tasks through kanban boards.

Kanban boards are powerful collaboration tool, which is why it helps teams work collectively. This application provides the benefits of listing the tasks and prioritizing them. If you see this app, it will look like a huge post-it note concept being used, except that these post-it notes are super-sized.

This application further helps to add up photos, files, documents, notes, etc. It also facilitates creating labels and helps you with color codes etc. The cards (post-it notes) can be dragged from one column to another, putting them in a particular phase of the production cycle. Gantt charts don’t work in this application, but you can turn your Trello project into a Gantt chart and take it from there.


This is an award-winning application that helps you perform your task in the most efficient way possible, hence making you more productive. The application manages your task and your team’s task by allowing you to assign, manage, describe, prioritize and drive progress.

The reason it is rated as the best application is that it also helps teams to work together by providing different collaborative tools that you can use to share files and documents etc. This application gives you multiple views of different projects that you might be working on, making it easy for you to use.

This application allows you to use calendars, kanban boards, and task lists that you can use to organize your work and perform your tasks accordingly. Best of all, this app provides you the tools to turn your to-do list into an in-depth Gantt chart. This will help you plan and schedule your work to be more effective. You can do this for yourself, or you can do this for your team. Both ways, this tool is one of the best apps you can find today to keep you organized.


Just like the name, the application does just what it says. It is the simplest form of a to-do-list app that helps you organize all your tasks, be it home chores, office work, gym to-do list, or some dieting meal plan list. You name it, and you can use this app for anything.

This is what I like about this app, and it can be used to keep you organized in your everyday life. So with this app, you can add tasks with a due date. You put these tasks into any project as well. So you can manage your projects or work projects as well on this application.

The paid version of this app will also help you create labels, provide you with custom filters and some collaboration tools as well. I especially like their Live Chat integration feature; the app allows 3rd part API integration to enhance collaborations and customer service. However, the best thing about this app is that it is user-friendly and can work with several platforms like google, dropbox, etc.

Muslim & Quran Prayer App

While we have applications for every aspect of our life, it is only imaginable that the religious aspect of our lives needs to be prioritized too. So if you are someone who always tends to miss out on the prayer timings, this application is the one for you.

This app helps you give reminders about your prayer timings based on your exact geographical location. You can further use the app to listen to the prayer call (Azaan) in the beautiful voices of various Moazzins. You can also log in when you have done your prayers and keep a record of it. This will motivate you further to complete all your prayers for the day.

The app further provides you the ability to read Quran from your phone on a laptop, with or without Tafseer. You can do this while you are commuting to work. The app offers other features that can enhance your emaan and help you be a good Muslim.


This is another amazing application that will help you organize your tasks. The most important features of this application include a Pomodoro timer and a calendar view. The application is further compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOs, etc.

This application offers every feature that you can imagine. The highlighting feature of this app is that it allows you to add a task in universal languages, and you can also add sub-tasks to your tasks as well.

The reason that this app works with many languages makes it very popular and easy for everyone to use and understand.


2021 is the age of a digital era that has only brought more tech gadgets into our lives and made our lives easier. The applications we mentioned above will help you perform your task and make you productive in a way that life will become easier for you, Be it professional life or personal life.

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