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  • How to Get Contractor’s License

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What Kind Of License Do I Need?

You will encounter four types of licenses if you are living and working in California, which are in designated classes. Class A is for engineers, a Class B can do general buildings, and a Class B-2 is totally able to do remodeling that is needed for a home. A Class C is going to be someone who does spas and pools, and other specialty areas that require you to learn more online about a totally different type of license so that you can be sure you are able to do the job correctly. The people who hire you will want to actually be sure that you can do it, and if you have these pieces of paper, you are likely to make your clients feel comfortable.

Specialty trades such as flooring and fire protection are a completely different form of going for your paperwork because as you can tell, these two areas of specialty may have nothing in common but require common skill sets. When we consider glazing, we have to remember that this is a skill that is going to need more help in the long term. Then we have heating and cooling systems, which are akin to HVAC, an entirely different set of codes that folks will need to adhere to. Then we have the need for someone to oversee building relocation/demolition, which can be super dangerous. This is to say nothing of asbestos remediation, which is a terrifying prospect, but every single one of these falls under the jurisdiction of Class C-2 to Class C-61 specialty contractors.

male constructor drawing draft on paper roll

Male Constructor Drawing Draft on Paper Roll

What Can I Specialize In As A Professional?

Some of these trades, such as the scarier stuff like asbestos and hazardous material removal, those necessitate obtaining several certifications, which is why the first thing we think about when we think about asbestos is safety. The people who hire you need to be able to be sure that there is a tried and true way of handling the work that is before you, and if you are certified you will likely have an understanding of the safety of the task ahead of you especially if we are taking about something as serious as asbestos. It is best to be well-equipped with good information from reliable sources such as guide to licensing to help you figure out what path you should take. You have to think about what class of specialist you want to be so that you are funneled into the right area for work, and you do not waste your money getting a contract you do not need.

So, the next thing you have to figure out is your exemptions, meaning which ones you do not need to get because there are various reasons that the state of California will allow you to live your life without having to have proper paperwork. The most normal reason is that the job costs less than 500 bucks and so you are less likely to have to deal with any official stuff as a result of that, because that could be a friend helping a friend or something. There are some other reasons you might not need paperwork, like if you are working for an electric company that is privately owned and held on owned or leased land that you have no reason to contest your paperwork. Those folks who work for a civil service are probably in the process of working on a public task and so they will not need the extra documentation as well, and those are just a few examples.

engineers looking at blueprint

Engineers Looking at Blueprint

What Tasks Are Ahead Of Me Now?

So, then you have to figure out which piece of documentation you are going to need to actually get the job done, and that is going to be easy enough to determine once you have reviewed the different types of licenses that exist. If you are a general contractor, you will be able to do a bunch of different tasks and jobs that cover a wide array of potential money earning jobs. Then again, a specialist is going to be able to handle a huge job like a pool that could also garner an incredible amount of money but might limit your tasks in the long run. If you think about it, a general professional might end up getting multiple licenses in the end because they want to have all of the potential tasks available to them when they are looking to build their businesses.

Meeting the requirements set before you are totally doable, and that is going to be based on what you are able to do and what tasks you can complete in time. You have to be a grown person and in the United States of America that age is 18. Then, you have to be sure you are going to be able to complete all the tasks that are put before you without harming anyone, and then, you have to show four years of experience doing your thing properly. Lastly, you have to have a bond of twenty-five stacks so that if something happens where someone gets injured, there is coverage for any potential medical expenses that could be incurred.

Four years might seem like a long time, but that is enough time for folks to get to know you and understand exactly what your knowledge base is so that you can get the liability insurance and contractor bond that you need to work. That time will end up building up your professional profile so that people know how to deal with your work and where to categorize you as a worker. In this way, you have to know and appreciate the difference between a bond and insurance, and that is a simple enough task to figure out if this is the right line of work for you. In that whole process, you will be vetted among other journeymen in the process of becoming the type of working professional they want to be.

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